What my kid shared the other day


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I was driving my car with my 12 year old sitting next to me, riding in silence. Then she said, "I'm so glad you're my mom." My heart swelled up and I told her I'm glad she was my daughter. Then I asked what made her say what she did. She said, "You are just a really great mom. You are so open-minded, and you listen to cool music and even want to listen to our music, and you are not really strict, and you listen to our feelings, and you are in a polyamorous relationship, and you support gay rights, and you support (my older daughter) being queer and even go to pride day with her."

Sometimes the daughters and I have hard days and we have battles of wills where I have to be the mom and make them be the kids, and turn off wifi and all those other things that good parents do. But to hear this-- I must be doing something right. :D


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Sounds like a really nice moment. Really happy for you. Its great when kids make you feel that way and really special since its usually kinda rare. Yay for you!


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That's a cool moment, Wisp; thanks for sharing. :)