what? no uk peeps

My boyfriend and I are piloting a poly dating site. It's free until we are all happy with it and will always have a basic free membership. No sleaze profiles pls! Www.multiplematch.com - its specifically for uk/eu.
Tx for joining

Poly group is small, but growing - and hopefully the 'open relationship' sector is even larger. We'll see how far we can run with it. Any modifications/comments/questions please do let me know!
Hi, yeah I'm half an mf couple based in Bexleyheath (SE London outskirts) looking to expand.

I just created a new group 'UK Poly'. I hope you'll all join.


Just joined but been poly for a long time.

Am living in Manchester and part of the local poly meet-up scene but it's always nice to meet others!
New here

I've joined the UK poly group. My husband and I haven't actually had any polyamorous relationships (although I do have unrequited feelings for a mutual friend). It's just nice to find other like-minded people. Haven't found any other poly people in South Wales yet though :(

Im just outside of London. Very new to Poly. Want to avoid players/ swingers etc and looking for a couple eventually.

For now want to meet like-minded people to chat with and text x

Just a quick hello from my temporary home in Oxfordshire. Happy to be here, if only for another four weeks.
Hi all, 26yr old Bristolian male here. Seems very little interest in the south west when it comes to this, anyone know of any meet-ups closer than London would be much appreciated. I'm new to the whole prospect of becoming poly so would like to mingle and get to know people from around my surrounding area with a similar insight into the wierd and wonderous world of polyamorous people.

Kind regards

Hi! nice to come across a post by another bristol resident, love to meet up, not really into the group thing but would like to meet for a coffee some saturday afternoon?
bristol and west london

Hi I'm working in Feltham during the week, then back to bristol at weekend, love to meet up with other poly people.
London for weekends

Hello, I'm a bi-woman interested in singles/couples to chat to and meet? I'm currently working during the week in Netherlands, back in London weekends. New to this so don't assume I know what I'm doing.... I don't ...

We're in Cornwall. and are a married couple.
I've known for a while that I have the capacity to love more than one person, my husband is struggling with this now, even though he was very happy to 'open' our marriage up, in the first place.

So, hello, nice to see you :)

Is anyone aware of any poly groups or poly friendly groups social or otherwise in the Wales & West area?

Just what I was going to ask! I'm in north west Wales.
I know there's a few Fetlife munches around that are poly friendly but I have not been along to one yet, soon perhaps.
Female wanting 2 boyfriends

I'm a 32y old woman always been in monogamous relationships but always felt that something was missing.
As a woman I feel and desire to be in a poly amorous relationship with 2men, never done it before and I desire this as much as I fear it.

Not looking for casual sex

I'm in Dundee, Scotland.