What you listening to Now :


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Silence - blissful silence. It's a very rare thing!


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BLESSED Silence. Both kids are down and asleep and now it is just the lady and myself. AHHHH! It sounds so nice. Even the dog is asleep


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Wish I had a like button for some of this thread.

Started with mumford and sons on a youtube mix (stereo hooked up to the computer) and went through billy bragg, leonard cohen, the byrds tonight while making supper.. Good memories. I love youtube mixes!

We listen to a lot if owl city right now due to LB's obsession.

Listened to all the artists off the freestyle movie sound track last night.

Listening to wintersleep and now band of skulls at Mono's.

After, when I go up stairs I will be listening to massive attach as I can hear it from down here and am about to go up.


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Cee Lo Green - F**k You


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Sisters of Mercy :)


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Page & Plant-- Since I've Been Loving You ... on my laptop at work! Gotta love the freedom of night shift!


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"Drive" ~ Melissa Ferrick


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Draconian - Turning Season Within
This song, Earthbound, is one of my favs on the album. But they are all amazing. =D


A youtube mix of all things related to Drowning pool

Currently its saliva - click click boom...

If only I had my long hair again.. its hard to headbang with an almost crew cut haha