What you listening to Now :

Counting crows...

Ironically thinking to myself its not loud or obnoxious enough for how I feel. Can't wait till my walk home, will listen to Atreyu I think...

I have their whole discography on random right now.
Taking a walk in the park just now with my iPod on shuffle - what two songs come up one after another?

Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison - our wedding song
and Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson - ironic huh?

Now I'm listening to them both again. Definitely describes my current turmoil of loving him with all my heart but leaving him that has me twisted inside out today. :(

One World, One Voice - the music half of a double-documentary made back in the 80s for ecology. Almost an hour long and full of gems. Just one example - which has a bearing on polyamory - when Laurie Anderson says (very quietly): "And one of the questions that the whale asked was, 'Do ALL oceans have walls?' "
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Hollywood Undead, "Lights Out"

Not my usual fare, but after the amount of fighting and brawling while outnumbered that we did this weekend, I am feeling particularly bellicose and feisty ;)
The pre-dawn chirping of birds. I've got to get up in 2 hours to pack my rucksack and set off hitching to an anti-nuclear energy demonstration (where I hope to meet up with friends who will drive me to their place). My eyes are giving out. I'm off to bed...