What you listening to Now :

The 11:00pm news - very, very depressing. So much pointless violence - shootings, stabbings, murder, rape, arson. Sad. Going to bed.
I'm listening to whatever Pandora decides to play for me. It started with Steely Dan, then to Fleetwood Mac, then to Van Morrison, back to Donald Feagan, and full circle to Steely Dan once again. All good.
Our air conditioning kicking on! :) It was so hot and sticky today so I'm glad that 2rings decided to put it on. I love curling up under the covers when the air's on! So much better than sweating all night long.

Music wise - I'm on an Adele streak now. Love her!!
Aphex Twin - 4. Such a great song. Have the whole Richard D James Album playing.
Infected Mushroom - Legend Of The Black Shawarma
Amorphis - Skyforger
what i call hippy chic music, joss stone, norah jones, jem, corrinae bailey rae, pixie, joan osborne.
i listen to a little bit of everything, from tom petty, steve miller band to nightwish, system of a down, to 90's r&b, techno, bollywood, to shakira and the dixie chicks. it changes from day to day:)
On an aimee mann kick. Love her stuff.. (yes, I listen to "soft" musci too haha)

Aimee Mann - wise up is on right now, heading into a song called the scientist.
Listening to an extract of Uneven Structure's new album Februus. Their stuff is great. I might have to go see them live in September if I get a chance.