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(Listened to Wooden Spoons; good song.)
My husband got the promo copy of the new Megadeth album. I hate Megadeth! I am a metalhead and a metal musician, but Megadeth make my ears bleed. One of the worst metal bands in history. I want to put his Megadeth collection into a wood chipper. He has been playing the promo copy almost nonstop for a week now.


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Good one LadyChatterly.

Chip Davis and the Mannheim Steamroller -- Saras Band


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SOJA - "Here I Am"

For some reason this is my new "My Song" (As opposed to "Our Song") ... For years it was James - "Laid".

For some reason the refrain really speaks to me:

"She don't call me one and only
No, she just calls me when
She gets lonely..."

Which changes the last time to:

"Don't call me one and only,
Just call me when you get lonely."

I feel like the singer is accepting his peripheral place in her life, and vice versa, and that they each benefit from the relationship without needing it to "be" something else. Wistful and comfortable at the same time.

This probably reflects where I am - I have two full-time, live-in primary partners, but I have others that I am blessed to have in my life for whatever time we have for each other - and I am grateful that they choose to spend some of their limited time and energy with me, because they are beautiful people and we "heal" each other in different ways at different times.

More of the refrain:

"Something I do that gets her there,
To feel better and get well."
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50 Great Beatles Songs (Amazon Prime Playlist)

Currently - Let It Be.
Other than "everything"...in particular right now:

The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving and Reconstruction Site albums.

Mercury Rev, Deserter's Songs album.

Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime. Jam econo!

Death Cab for Cutie, "Debate Exposes Doubt", whose lyrics appeared in my blog.
The Pipettes, "Pull Shapes". Well obviously.

Lushlife, "Magnolia". Looking forward to his new album and still digging his literary, old-school hip-hop ways. Plus, that video.
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we're going through various toughish things and for some reason End Of The Line with it's chorus of 'Well it's all right. Even if the sun don't shine. We're going to the end of the line" is obsessing me.




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Pink Truth about Love album and the soundtrack to Hamilton the musical.