What you listening to Now :

Today I've decided to listen to a bunch of rock music I liked around the time I was 16-18. I'm old, so it's things like

Reelin' in the Years-- Steely Dan
Frankenstein-- Edgar Winter Group
Ramblin' Man-- Allman Brothers
Superstition-- Stevie Wonder
I'll Be There-- Jackson 5
Radar Love-- Golden Earring
Smoke on the Water-- Deep Purple
Rock 'n Roll Hoochie Koo-- Johnny Winter and/or Rick Derringer
Layla-- Eric Clapton
The Joker-- Steve Miller
Maggie May-- Rod Stewart
Brown Sugar-- Rolling Stones
Riders on the Storm-- The Doors
Money-- Pink Floyd
School's Out-- Alice Cooper
Aqualung-- Jethro Tull
Baby Blue-- Badfinger
Sugar Magnolia-- Grateful Dead
Rebel Rebel-- David Bowie
Rocket Man-- Elton John
All the Young Dudes-- Mott the Hoople
Morning Has Broken-- Cat Stevens
Ironman-- Black Sabbath
Whole Lotta Love-- Led Zeppelin
Bang a Gong-- T Rex
Roundabout-- Yes
Before the Kiss, a Redcap-- Blue Oyster Cult
Ballroom Blitz-- Sweet
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Good ones. Love the Randy Rainbow parody :D
Had a couple songs come up on my Pandora today that I wanted to share.

Scroobius Pip has some great lyrics about relationships...

Broken Promise:
"Love at first sight always seemed unconsidered, I'd rather love at first fight, then on to double figures"

You Will See Me:
"The notes you left in my margins turned from scribbles to scars
But here's the best part:
You didn't even realise you were reading the first draft of a best seller
The manuscript of a future Nobel prize winner

This book you discarded as a pamphlet will ignite shit"

And as a more positive one (or just an intro to what his music is like):

The Beat that My Heart Skipped
Listening to the newest episode of the Hey Riddle Riddle podcast. Hilarious!
I keep coming back to this one lately...

The Running Man Soundtrack

I've poking around Cryo Chambers library and other dark ambiance works. I'm usually doing something else when I listen to music so lyric-less music appeals to me. Two favourite albums from Cryo Chamber are Miles to Midnight and Hastur.

Miles to Midnight follows a lone individuals journey through a twisting, mostly abandoned hotel. They are drawn deeper into it's twisting layout that is far larger than it appears from the outside.

Hastur is a musical exploration of Hastur and the King in Yellow. It's a long journey and a huge collaborative effort among the artists under the Cryo Chamber label. Less directly spooky than their other Mythos works.

Other honorable mentions:
S O L A R I S by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
Eternal Drift by Beyond the Ghost
Backing this project on Kickstarter (so clearly not listening to it NOW, but...): Swing Sisters
It's an electro-swing compilation with some good samples so far.
My daughter showed me this song the other day. I am easily amused, but I thought it was both wonderful and painful.