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Well, its been a while since I last posted.

First off, the polyamorous relationship between Lissy, Miranda, and I never came to be. Out of no where Miranda stopped talking to us. Just as well, I was already thinking that Lissy wasn't mature enough to handle a polyamorous relationship.

Also, Lissy and I are getting a divorce. We were seperated almost a year ago the first time she cheated. While we were seperated she had sex with several different men. She recently announced that she wanted to go back to one of the men she had cheated on me with (the one that dumped her telling her that he just used her for sex). Shortly after I decided to file for divorce. She's chosen other people over me too many times.

We are still living in the same apartment. Both our names are on the lease to I cannot legally kick her out. If I move out I'll still be financially responsible for the rent. Lissy is waiting for her boyfriend to dump his underage girlfriend so she can move in with him. Its been a month and he still hasn't dumped his girlfriend.

On a more positive note, since all this started happening, one of my female friends and I have been developing deeper feelings for each other. We've always had a good chemistry and could always make each other laugh. But I'm just wondering if its something I should jump at right away, or wait until things settle down. I'm kind of afraid if I wait I'll lose my chance. I'm also wondering if I should get involved with someone that has a kid (she is a single mom with a 6 year old).

That is all that is new with me.
I guess the female friend has decided she doesn't want anything to do with me. Fuck my life.

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DarkHorse, sorry to hear that you are having such a tough and complicated time of it right now. My only advice would be to do what you can to get your life stable again, so that you can work from some sort of point of calmness.

It's quite possible that people getting to know you right now might not be interested in dating someone with such turmoil in their lives. That's not a reflection on you, but the fact that it would probably only add to the drama. if she has a kid, then that may just apply even more so.

I wish you a more calm road ahead.