Where are you from ?


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada here.... traveled to lots of other places but this is where I'll always call home :)


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Hi I'm from Southeast Michigan. I am new to the polyamory area so that makes me a polyvirgin I think not a polywog as I posted in a different reply. Still trying to get the terminology right! I am a single african american female who has been secretly drawn to the life since my late 20's but never knew of any like minded people.

Glad to finally find this forum. Am looking for committed triad with two men be it either mmf or mfm. Willing to start or join existing.

Feel free to message me. :)


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I am from Upstate South Carolina - Greenville!!

I am looking for like minds here - PLEASE get in touch with me!


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Hey there, I'm in central jersey and fairly new to poly. I'd love to meet some like minded people in my area!

27 non smoking male.


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I am 29 and he is 28. We are both non smokers and social drinkers. He does enjoy the occasional cigar. We are each looking for another. Ideally they would be another couple, but we are open to non couples. Please feel to send me a msg even for friendship :)


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Hello to one and all. I am new here. Nice southern lady, from the wonderful state of North Carolina. Hugs and kisses, everybody.


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We're from a small town in Indiana by the Illinois line. We're looking for a female interested in seeing where it goes with us :)


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We are in Se Mo and currently in a triad. We would definitely be interested in either a female to join for him or us or a bi male as my primary partner is bi.


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Central OH (Columbus)

I'm always looking for new people to meet and spend some time with. I'm on OSU campus, just graduated in December.


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I'm from Montreal, Canada! Not actively looking, but making friends is always great :)


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Texas Panhandle

We are from the Texas Panhandle...Amarillo to be exact. I am 39 and he is 28... ;)
We are looking for that special woman to complete us as a family. Always looking for friends to chat with and get to know.