Where are you from ?


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I am in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

I am looking for a male or female though my husband tends to be more comfortable with the idea of me dating a woman. (I am married obviously)
North Idaho

Married in North Idaho.

We are looking for a male for a MFM triad. But at same time we are open to a V for both if us. A female for him and a male for me.


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Midwest area

We (2 quite BI married to one another females) live in SE Iowa. Hoping to find a M(s) to complete our circle currently. We will be moving to CO in the very near future and would want someone who is not opposed to a relocation to help us fulfill our self-sustaining ranch dream and treat us like the goddesses we are!

Any takers....?


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We (2 quite BI married to one another females) live in SE Iowa. Hoping to find a M(s) to complete our circle currently. We will be moving to CO in the very near future and would want someone who is not opposed to a relocation to help us fulfill our self-sustaining ranch dream and treat us like the goddesses we are!

Any takers....?
My wife and I live in Colorado and are looking to expand our family.

I'm a 34 year old Software Engineer and my wife is 25 year old bisexual, corset wearing, homemaker. Would you be interested in talking?


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new here

My wife and I are new to poly and this site. We are in the Indy area and hope to find compatible members.


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Purple Dance Shoes

We are from SW Ohio, close to ya!!!:):):):)

btw I just right clicked the title line and purple dance shoes were what appeared, sounded good so I kept it.

:) :) :)
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New to this Forum.

KCMO Area. 50 Something Divorced Male.

Would love to find a relationship with a M/F couple. Something honest... something real...



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Western Long Island, New York.

20 something, black woman.

I dont that I'm looking for anything specific right now. Taking things easy and enjoying my life.


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A good way for us all to get to know a bit about each other.
Share only the amount of informaiton you are comfortable with.
Where are you from?
What if anything are you looking for?

I'm from California, United States of America natural born citizen and now U.S.A. Navy Sailor Aerographer's Mate (weatherman for ocean military).~

It would take far too much space perhaps a entire page or two or more of this thread to share every thing I have learned so far about myself, so let me try to condense some things to to the bare details.~

Gender: None, I don't believe in it.~

Sex: Male, Virgin, never tested my ability to reproduce.~

Age: Some thing interesting, but it is not going to decide whether I wish to be with some one or not.~

Beliefs: Possibility.~

Outer Appearance: Some thing interesting, but it is not going to decide whether I wish to be with some one or not.~

Interests: Every thing.~

Current Children: None that came from my body, any other kinds depends on who happens to want my guidance.~

Future Children: I want to make some from my body and raise them, but it's OK if I just raise them and if it never happens I am perfectly content with that.~

Marriage: None of the legal and non-legal kind that I desire, I don't see such a concept as necessary for myself and further for the legal kind: I don't want any laws to have any say in my love life unless we violate the common laws of the land for all regardless of relationships.~

Goals: Travel every where, experience every thing, but I wouldn't mind if I died right now because I am content and happy just to have experienced what I already have and I am grateful to be alive and when I die I will be grateful to be dead hopefully.~

Alcohol: No, I don't see it as necessary for myself and since the Human body considers it a poison I am going to avoid in-taking it.~

Smoking Anything At All, Ever: Nope, different smoke produces different reactions from me from Tobacco legal smoke: nausea; to Marijuana smoke: hungry, but smoking any thing is unhealthy as Smoking any thing cuts off oxygen to your brain suffocating your brain killing brain cells and the smoke you inhale travels to your lungs burning them damaging them.~

Illegal Substances: Sorry no, because of my job in the military if any tiny trace amount of any thing is detected in my body I will be fired and never allowed to be re-hired by the military, I may even face fines and jail time.~ I don't have any thing against people who use these kinds of things, it's your body do what you want with it, I always care though and warn you to be careful.~

Love: Love just happens, love will not be controlled, stopped, or scheduled, it just is.~ I encourage every one to explore any feelings they have for any one.~ To me love is a feeling you enjoy, that's it, every thing else is up to you and those involved.~ Love isn't always returned.~ Jealousy is not love: jealousy is a feeling and a state of being that is born out of most likely insecurity and it can quickly evolve into Possessiveness.~ If you want to be with me then tell me and be with me, but don't expect me to know any thing if you have not told me any thing, in fact don't expect any thing at all: assumption is what leads to trouble.~ I desire the kind of love that I am always with the one or ones that I love no matter what we are doing, whether it is using the toilet or climbing trees.~

What’s your ideal love?

Someone who is Open-Minded and Willing to Try New Things

I see someone who is their own self no matter what others say or think or do and I think to myself, "Wow."

I also like to draw out the inner power to be themselves in others.

Please be honest with me: if you want to be with me, then tell me and be with me, but you will never be "mine" and I will never be "your's", we are always free to be as we choose, we decide our lives and what love means to us.~ I literally some times come and go like the wind, disappearing with or without prior notice, but I will always be your friend and maybe even your lover, but if you want we can disappear together, no matter how wild and free the dance is it doesn't mean you can't dance to songs of life.~

I know this may sound weird but I love the idea of when I am in love with some one and they are in love with me I want to be with them every moment no matter what we are doing.~ We may not be together some times because of circumstances, but I will treasure every moment that I am with them.~ I want to be in that kind of relationship(s) where we never get tired of each other's company.~

If you want to know more, simply ask me any thing you wish.~

You can also find out more about me at my topic in this section called:
Hello, all!~ ^_^ I'm ColorsWolf!~

I'm also on OkCupid.com and the link to that is here: http://www.okcupid.com/profile/colorswolf
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24 year old female from Louisville, KY.
I'm currently in a fairly new relationship with A. He's expressed interest in a poly dynamic, I've explained that I've been there for years, he's still nervous. I guess he's never "seen it done effectively" before. He knows that I have been on dates with other people, and I think is warming up to doing so himself as well.

I'm looking for really just about anything. I'm looking for something short or long term with either a man or woman, I'm not opposed to a couple in theory; but I think that most couples will want something I can't give them at this point. I'm pretty open minded...

That being said, a lady who is open to occasionally hanging out with both A and I would be pretty neat to meet. (No, not a long-term triad thing, just a hey let's all hang out and have fun occasionally thing.)


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Just The Three of Us

We're not looking to add to our family, the 3 of us are retired, enjoying life and loving. Hugs from us to you!
OPM = me, husband
Marie = wife
Jo = wife


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My lil poly family contains me 30 my son that is 10 months old
My gf she is also 30 she is married to P he is 34 and they have 4 wonderful children of their own and we all live in evansville Indiana


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Birmingham al

New to site, and the lifestyle. I'm 26, married, and male. Wife has a committed boyfriend. I am looking for a woman, or a m/f couple. This would include ME only. Wife and I aren't interested in sharing our other people. I am bisexual, but mostly prefer women. A friend and companion is what I would like first, which will hopefully turn into more. Message me if you're interested or would like to chat.


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I live in Northern California outside the city of Weed.

I'm looking mostly for understanding and shareing some place safe. I wouldn't mind meeting a women for a triad. I am a bisexual women. My family and I live offgrid and are homesteading on 3 acers. I love being out doors, and playing and teaching music.