Where are you from ?


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i'm close to portland, oregon.

i'm pansexual and looking for anyone. never been in a poly relationship but it's definitely something i'm interested in.


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Eastern North Carolina

I'm originally from Texas but it think we've taken up residence in nc, not thrilled but making it happen! I wish I was closer to Raleigh.


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Mid 40's woman in Omaha, NE

Thinking about moving west coast. I love the weather there.

I'm a free agent. Kids grown, not married, no relationship other than a part time lover.

I would love to meet some people that understand that love isn't necessarily meant to be monogamous.


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we are from Iowa and we're looking for our unicorn, and maybe some like minded people to go out to dinner or fishing ;)


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We are from just north of Pittsburgh. Always keeping an eye out for a fun and special guy or girl, ideally in his or her 20's or early 30's.


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Unattached single mother in California..completely new here


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Originally from Texas, but now live in central Massachusetts.

Looking for other polys to connect with at least as friends (my wife and I are more at the "monogamish" stage)


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So Cal

We are in So Cal.

Looking for another woman for dinner, conversation and open to other things.

Have tried the various sites and figured out how to navigate through the flakes, fakes and other BS. Problem is, that leaves no success story to share. But we have not given up.

As a TS woman secure in herself and what she wants in this relationship, it's surprising to find nobody thus far.

Just looking for a fit, proportioned stable fun women (TS or otherwise) to share my man and our bed with.



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Philly 'burbs

I live in King of Prussia and work in Philly.

My wife and I are open and date separately.


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Washington state

I am a married 32 year old female , he is 31 . We are stationed on whidbey island , and are actively looking for a third.

honestly looking for friends in the poly world, looking for a third, ideally t start mfm. But i am open to a female for me also.
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