Where are you from ?


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We are located in Indianapolis! We are looking for a single woman but also for many meaningful friendships as well!!




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RE: Where are you from?

Central Louisiana here


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Middle Tennessee area.


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I'm from

Sioux Falls, SD my other half is from Arizona. Our long term wish is to find at least 2 more couples of some variation, to join with in a communicative, cohesive, loving relationship. We are both Bi, and are looking for like minded individuals.


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We are from northeast oregon

We are from northeast Oregon and seeking a single lady who's willing to get to know us and see where it leads


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Married couple here both 25, living in evansville Indiana, but moving to Florida in january, more specifically DeLand or deltona, my job will be in daytona beach. She's 5"0 very loving and caring. I'm 6'0 z very compassionate and caring.


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New 2 in Alaska

We are just finding out that, not only are there other like minded people out there, but that there are websites and forums devoted to the subject!

Married couple living in Ak, 50 yrs old, just getting our feet wet . I am straight and she is bi, and we are interested in finding a third member to add to our family. We are not interested in casual sex; we would hope to find a female, preferrably bi, for a LTR in a polyfi triad.

We are also interested in making friends within the community as well.

Thank you for leaving the light on for those of us weary of traveling in the dark.
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I am a married woman who lives in the Tampa Bay area.

My husband and I are not new to this lifestyle, BUT after 3 years we have found that we must approach this in a different way to produce a different outcome. Two duds, two encounters that didn't go far beyond "Hi", and one heartbreak later I am lurking polyamory.com.

I am a 26 year old multiracial woman. My husband is a 27 year old caucasian male. We have been married for 4 years, together for 9.

I would love to be educated on how to go about these things in a better way. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically!