Where are you from ?

Greatings from southwestern Mass, north central CT. I am totally new to poly. I recently left a long loveless, sexless, stressful mono marriage. It was totally wrong for me, I have much to give to more than one. I hope to meet and learn from others here.
New to bakers field

We just moved to Bakersfield ca and we would like to find a poly group. Anyone know of any.
Hi everyone, I'm currently in the Louisville, Ky area and I'm curious to see who's out there. I'm a redhead who likes to cartoon and worldbuild, I want to be a sci-fi author someday. :)
rubbish antonio

I'm a poly, pansexual FtM living in Southern Illinois. I like to draw and design things and do freelance work, on top of my full-time (and rather labor-intensive) job for character concepts and design.

I work rather odd hours and tend to have a more "UK friendly" schedule, though. So it can get a bit lonely where I am! Most of my connections are online for that reason, though I do wish I could find more people locally.
Hello, Wanting to meet another to add to our family

We are a poly couple, living in north texas, amarillo to be exact...
I am looking for a female to get to know, spend some time with, go on dates and see where things may lead...
Eisbaer's Location

Owensboro, KY, here. Older divorced man, in a long term, but long distance and OPEN relationship.
Looking for genuine friendship, but open to "special benefits"... IF the chemistry and the situation are right...
Otherwise? Good friends are always welcome.
We are married couple from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We live 45 mins from Niagara Falls and 1 hour from Buffalo, NY. We would love to chat and get to know a 18-25 year old female for a Triad. Location does not matter to us.
PAM AND JEROME...Polyamory Pagans @ Pillowville, TN.

We live in a very under-served area of Tennessee for Non-Monogamous Meetups in Northwestern area of the state... within about a 15-30 minute circle from Paris, Mackenzie, Greenville up to Martin. TN. We moved to our new home here in late Summer/early Autumn last year. We had lived just before this in Paso Robles for @ 4 years, Central Coast, CA, We've been together 30 plus years and have had various attempts at finding compatible, ethical, non-monogamous others with real affinity.

Jerome has been in various shared relationships since early 1970s and Pam has had 3 attempts with Polyamory/open-relationship mostly in the late 1990s to early this last decade. We meantime have raised 2 adult daughters and moved all over from Bay Area, California to Connecticut up to Maine and back to Santa Barbara, California and up near Portland, Oregon then to Central Coast for 5 years to here, a State to retire too... I drove Pamela just yesterday to Airport for a three-month stint at her old job (RN in Labor/Delivery) for some great extra cash for home-improvement projects. IE: we are improving our home with hopes of another, trade-up move in a few years up next the Smoky Mts east of Knoxville, TN, maybe North Carolina ~ where there's a bit more culture convenient.

Our goals/predilections are around us both being Straight, it's about having a possible MFM Triad or Quad with other Male and Female partner's... though not get poly-saturated in the process... Living situation for all would be discussed as relationship(s) develop... Passion and imagination and deep-souledness matters! As far as we can provisionally see, (and we do have separate rooms already): dates, separate visiting arrangements, some shared room encounters that would all be dependent on emotional bonding separately and as all things sort out best for each/all... It's not just about casual sex is it? Not that our fleshly fantasies don't go there, neh?! ;~> Integrating interrelational emotional connections, limits/constraints, and keeping faith with our own individual/mutual, independent/dependance mystery dance comes in. There's always more meta to this that Unicorns vs Hierarchical vs anything goes... You may also have significant others come into the whole equation... so might we all have our complexity or three or four. May need a therapy counselor or more involved! ;~>

Jerome's got his Scorpio ways, as Pam has her Virgo/Libra cuspy stuff. You can talk-story, Both are kind of Pagan, but another story for a few bottles between us, that involves trees and snakes and goats and grapes!... Sure would be best to be local and up on Polyamory instead of just entre nous pornfed dabblers. We don't need to deal so much with raising beginners... Though aren't we all "absolute beginners"?

From Corsicana, TX here. I am poly, my wife is not. My partners husband is not either. Both couples swing but not together. I am interested in meeting other poly folk in our area. My wife is stressed at times.due to me fully loving another.
Where we are from

We are from oregon. Fun loving m/f couple in our 30's. Love to joke around and serious about poly. We are looking for a woman for a poly fi triad. Also here to make new friends. Message me to chat. We would love to hear from you
Hello. I just posted for the 1st time since I found this site yesterday.
Looking to find friends to learn life. Thinking this will develop into a more understanding and see if it would be for me. I am F, together 12 yr and married to bi-M. He is interested very much in the poly life. I'm still wrapping my head around it. Spiritual beliefs is holding me back. But the desire to fill the need of having what I dont have is very strong.