Where are you from ?


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Bedford Pa

We are a married poly swinger couple from the Bedford Pa area, very bi fem, orally bi male. We are looking for friends, playmates, and possible LTR. We are both artists & musicians, long haired old hippys, love country living, very open minded, like to party, and are 420 friendly. Give us a shout if you think you'd like to get to know us.
Thanks :)


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I'm from Tucson, Arizona and am in a poly of three fmf I enjoy it although we have had some hard times lately. I am here for support and just to learn more :)


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hello there

We are from nw missouri up by the iowa line ;) looking for a female to be with us. My husband a over the road truck driver and he travels to texas all the time


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I'm from San Diego -- I'm a secondary/partner of a married man -- he's the first man I've ever totally loved -- looking forward to meeting my own primary to love, as well!!


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I'm from the Imperial Valley which is 2 hours from San Diego. My fiancee and myself are looking for a third to complete our triad. I'm 25 she's 29 and bisexual.


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I live in Alberta, Canada with my husband. My boyfriend lives in California.


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northern Va. here

At the moment I'm the tail of an N I'd like to turn it into a W with a secondary LTR. With a woman or couple in northern Virginia. All interested may respond.


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here in montgomery alabama. young married couple looking for either a couple near our age or a bi single lady. single mothers or pregnant are welcome. we have two children and a stable commited relationship.


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There's My Wife and I. She's Bi, has a rocky relationship with her BF. I'm Straight, interested in a GF.

I'm in the military, so it was quite a difficult task to get him up here from NWFL and help him settle in. Now I've been chatting with another friend from NWFL, we'll see how that goes.


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That's a loaded question for me. lol... I don't claim a 'from' since the first 12 years of my life are a blur and I'm an adopted child. However, I was born in Texas and raised between New York, Germany, and California until my mom decided to settle back in Texas. I attended high school in San Antonio, TX and, once I became an adult, started working my way out of Texas. Thereafter, I lived in New York, Florida, Georgia, and now in Colorado. My goal has always been to move back out of the United States but we never know where the Universe will take us, eh?

On this site, I seek connectivity with like-minded people. I seek to share ponderings and conversations with people who can actually say they have thought about the same things or experienced the same things. I seek a variety of viewpoints on this relationship style to enhance my openness and thought processes as I journey through my own. I seek to offer ideas to people searching for remedies and/or other considerations in their own circumstances. I seek growth and success in this area of my life.


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Suburb of NYC in Westchester! My husband and I are both in a good place and ready to start dating a bit, but our tastes are different from each other. I basically would want to know that any of his GF's and I get along, and that I trust them not to do anything dangerous to his (and my) health. I think my husband feels pretty much the same about any potential dates I might have. I am open to dating people already in relationships (including if a couple are interested in dating) but it would definitely be a secondary relationship at this point. I will hopefully soon have a new job to focus on, including being a mom to a very cute six month old.


That's a loaded question for me. lol... .

Since this is kind of the hookup area, I bet "where are you from" is actually "where are you currently located"

Cool life you have lived, quite well traveled. Living in a very backpacker town I know a lot of people with similar stories. I can be very envious of that kind of life...:)


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Attractive Couple (I Think...) in the Bay Area, CA

A couple here looking for some local friends. Or just someone to chat with. A blacksheep couple eventually looking for a gal with LTR qualities. One who likes dogs. Really small. Really cute ones.

Oh AND if anyone has any life secrets to share...now is the time to unleash upon me the brilliance that is you! Word.:D