Where are you from ?


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Lane County, Oregon here :)


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From Utah

My wife and I are from Utah, Salt Lake area. Not really looking for anything right now, except maybe friendship and like-minded people. Peace.


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Northern Virginia

Springfield to be exact. I am looking for poly-lifestyle groups and communities in NOVA.
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Missouri is scoreing big on this post!!...lol We to live in Mo. south of St. Louis. We'd like to meet another bi couple to love and share life with.


We are a happily married poly couple living outside of Charlottesville, VA. Doesn't look like too many Virginian's here! Would love to get to know more poly people in the area...


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Georgia Couple Here: Luv2k155

We are currently living here, in Columbus, Georgia. We are thinking of moving north. He is from Germany, She is from New York.
We do not like the hot in the south, but our current situation needs for us to be here in the south. We are currently though, doing some research on where it is that we want to move.
Anyway, probably said too much.

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Terre Haute couple here

Very new to this type of relationship. Baised on what little i have learned, its what we have been looking for all along. We have experience with bringing a friend into the bedroom but it was just for a threesome. We would like to learn more about this lifestyle if we can find someone to mentor us. Thank you.


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I'm a woman from Southern Indiana who has been with the same man for 5 years. We have talked about poly relationships since the beginning of our relationship but never sought out anyone. We finally decided to go that extra step and we're interested in either of us or both of us having a girlfriend.