Where are you from ?


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Upstate/Central NY here.

Still new in this adventure into poly life (and loving it), so looking for whatever comes first, really.

I'd love to meet more local women, and get involved with the greater poly community.

Feel free to send messages, I love getting new mail!


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Very new to this type of relationship. Baised on what little i have learned, its what we have been looking for all along. We have experience with bringing a friend into the bedroom but it was just for a threesome. We would like to learn more about this lifestyle if we can find someone to mentor us. Thank you.

Private message me, perhaps we can chat. We're exploring ourselves, I'm interested in sharing our experiences.


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me and my husband are from KY we are looking for a single female that is also in KY we are new to this and are wanting to find someone to get to know and see where it goes from there, we are fun, loving, and caring people we love to go on our pontoon and we both love to fish.


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hey we are a youngish couple from the maritimes (part of Atlantic Canada). yes Canada does extend past Ontario lol jk. we are looking fir a female to join us in a triad relationship. we are extremely new to this lol. this if our first post on here but we have been reading the forums for a couple of months I guess e are a little shy


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We are in Eastern NC.

Been reading through this thread and other posts...
Are there really that few people in our neck of the woods :eek:


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here in indiana

we are in western indiana, right on the border for eastern IL. We are a new poly couple looking for friends and love. Our dream situation is to find another couple whom we fall in love with


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Upstate South Carolina :) She is 43, He is 46 :)


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Springfield, Missouri

Married Couple of 21 years seeking people for a committed relationship. Not looking for swingers. We seek and desire a person or persons who can truly love more than one person at a time.
Hi everyone:
I am in N Ga area. F searching for something. For the past few years I feel like I am missing out on someone and this might sound crazy but I actual miss those someones I have never met! I yern for a triad relationship....mfm mmf... It's like I know this is who I am and need those other two parts to make me complete....(did that sound too Jerry McGuire-ish?)lol
I really am looking for my other halves...and I don't want a wild swinger type life...I crave the intimate loving relationship I think I can find with the two.


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We are a Mf cpl in east tn. we recently lost our third. She was more into the poly then the amory. We arent looking for play. We are wanting to find a partner. Preferably a female but open to male as well. We were with our third for about a year so slow is a good thing.
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We (Tim10770-My SO ) are in the Tampa Bay Area Florida
Right now we r just looking for love to share doesn't really matter what kind of package it's wrapped in ;) Single males, females, couples, triads, groups. We are very open minded :)


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I'm from Norman, Oklahoma. I'm 25 and I'm looking for a male long term relationship as my fiancee is not poly and is encouraging me to find another love because I was poly before
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Good Ole Kansas

We are a couple in a committed relationship looking for another woman to love and share our lives with. He is 34 and I am 28. We are in KS :)