Who We Are/What We Want =D


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My wonderful husband and I are interested in living as a M/F/M triad in polyfidelity. We are thirty-seven years old. We have one small child @ home. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are not swingers. We are interested in each forming a friendship with you. If a solid foundation of friendship is built, then we would each be interested in dating you separately and if that goes well, together. We would ideally like to live communally. With all three of us getting our needs met within our triad. Your needs, preferences, desires and thoughts are no less important than ours. We are NOT seeking a boytoy or friend on the side. We are seeking a partner that would be equal to us. We are not self-serving selfish people looking to fulfill some fantasy. We are seeking to welcome another person into our hearts, our bed and most importantly our family. With that being said, everyone has basic requirements in a potential partner. In an effort to weed out those who may not meet our basic preferences, we have compiled a list.

I would love to hear from you as to what your preferences, needs and wants are in a friendship/relationship?? What is it that you are looking for? ;)

Our non-negotiable preferences include the following:

1.)Must be a bi-sexual male.
2.)Must live nearby or able to relocate.
3.)You must be child friendly.
4.)You must be interested in dating us both separately and together.
5.)You're not actively addicted to drinking or drugs.
6.)You are non-aggressive, you're not selfish and you're very honest.