Why do you use the online name that you use?


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Well this name is rather new as my normal online username is used pretty much everywhere, includes my real first name and is also linked to Facebook. I actually did register it here but then had second thoughts and instead of asking to please delete the account or change my username I just made this one.

So for this one, it is a variation of the name I started using when both T (Glitter) and I got into playing World of Warcraft. Wanting to get into it rather quick while wanting a fitting name I quickly found the character race capital city was Stormwind and being a paladin class with healing abilities (typically yellow/white in color) I thought of the name Stormblaze. As in real life being a Scorpio I tend to emit alot of energy, I often think of it as a yellow/white energy wave pulsing out. (Yes even before I knew that game called WoW lol) Also being Wiccan this seemed very fitting.

Ok geeky with an imagination :p I use Stormblaze in all my online gaming but it just didn't feel quite right for this forum. So I shortened it to Storm and added my birth year since Storm was already taken here.


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Invi is short for Invictus.
Invictus is Latin for invincible, unconquerable, etc.
It is also the name of one of my favorite poems, written by William Ernest Henley.

I used to use Invictus a lot, but it is usually taken now. Some friends in a chat started calling me Invi a while back. I like the sound of it, and it still retains meaning to me, so I continue to use it. It's taken less often. heh.

I like Invictus because of the idea in the meaning of the word.


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Kyle = Kyle
Kat = Katie

Made the account when we were both planning on using the same account. That didn't happen, and she went with Rymmare. I chose to keep the name because A. I couldn't think of anything I liked better that wouldn't be identifying and B. Nothing is more important to me than my wife, so when people read anything on here, they should know that it's the two of us against the world. :)

I regularly change my screen names, but each one has had great significance to me.


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Mine isn't as good as some of the others for sure! Actually it's quite cheesy! LOL

I used to DJ on an Internet radio station and we used one of those cheap chat rooms that automatically gives you a name. I had cleared my cache just before going in and instead of signing me in as "Sassy", it came up with Wuggykins. I thought it was so cute I always use it!


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I've been using Avatar since...oh...around 95 when Skye and I got married. My previous alias didn't quite fit the married life so I chose another, which I'd come across in a book. F2F I think it was called.


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tbh, I'd kind of like to change mine. I'm no longer where I was when I picked it. Some places make this easier than others -- Twitter and Wordpress were a doddle, but I think I'd have to make a new OKCupid profile entirely.


Music has always been a huge part of my life and my middle name (and the name I'm starting to go by more regularly) is Rose.
A few reasons. It's the last two words in the first line of Terrapin Station, which also happens to be my mantra that I repeat whenever I attempt anything creative: "Let my inspiration flow." It's a major part of my personal philosophy of always being open energetically and let the inspiration take me where it needs to (although that's getting off-topic...lol).


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This is actually a new name for this forum. I wanted to start fresh and not be "googleable". It is a combination of my husband's, mine and my boyfriend's names. The first two letters of each. :) my other name I have used since I was about 11. It's time for a change.


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Because NewGirl was already taken and thats what I was referred to by my hinge to his other girlfriends for the first month or two. I kinda like the sound of it lol


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Skyler is the first name I chose to more accurately reflect my true gender (since it can be a boy's or girl's name). I use it in situations where I can be honest about my genderqueerness, which is only online so far.

And I like squirrels, plus I'm high-energy and hyper.

Also, a screenname I've used elsewhere can also be shortened to SS, so if people wanted to shorten this one to SS I'm used to being called that on message boards :)


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Well, I think fall is the best season and, if any of your are familiar, "Winter is Coming" is a quote from the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' book series (I can go on about this all day, but definitely pick it up if you haven't!).

For what it's worth, I intentionally withheld the 'i' ;)


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I guess its because I thought of the image from Doctor Who.

I always loved clever mechanical things even as a child so what could be more interesting or intricate than a pocketwatch.


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I am Dragon-kin for those of you who understand the concept of Animal-kin or Other-kin. Tho i often use Tsunamidragon on most sites these days due to people assuming the Black part of black Dragon refers to ethnicity as opposed to dragon type.


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Cattiva Gattina is my burlesque/performer/model name.


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I have been using this screen name for ages, ever since I watched The Mummy and thought it must be nice to love and be loved the way Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun did. I mispelled the name, and here it is.


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David Bowie :=: Dead Man Walking

"While I'm touching tomorrow
And I know who's there
When silhouettes fall

And I'm gone
Like I'm dancing on angels
And I'm gone "

Plus, I just love the imagery silhouettes cast in life. They trick the eyes easily. ;)