Why do you use the online name that you use?


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I can't remember where I got my user name from. I came up with it years ago, I think at some point in high school. It's stuck with me because it is rarely in use. In the rare event it is already being used somewhere I have a secondary handle, pacificoctopus. I like octopi and the Giant Pacific Octopus is badass.
Mine is Redpepper and the story behind it is that I was having an emotional LDR with a man who is also a redhead. He used another veggie for his on line name and he suggested that I use redpepper for my name on Fet life, as I was starting an account. I didn't end up using that but decided to here.

I wish now that I hadn't used the name I did on Fet life as it is the only one of it's kind out there and at least redpepper is harder to google... you get a lot of red pepper recipes.... fine with me!

Anyway, I would change everything to this name if I could as it suits me somehow, or have I become someone because of it.... don't know.

It's funny because my nicknames in real life are far more soft and squishy.... kinda lovey and endearing. What does that say??? I'm a hard ass redhead when redpepper and not so much in real life? :confused: HA, you'll have to guess on that one... Mono would know. Probably a little of both..

If I had to pick a name for Mono that would suit him in real life it would be "schooner" as it's his fighting name. Or maybe "the littlest Hobo" as he saw himself like that at one point... or "sherpa" as he tends to carry all the stuff while the core primary family walks ahead (his choice I have to add!).

I wonder what he would pick for me?

My husband would be "mushroom" as he is a mushroom geek... always researching, picking, growing, getting together with a local mycological society... or maybe "fuzzy" as he was called that in high school due to his ultra curly blond hair.

Anyway, would love to here others?:D
I have found mine a good initial test of compatibility- if they know my name is a Harry Potter reference then we usually get on!


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Rosie used to be the nickname a former father-in-law gave me, when I had pink hair. Mayfair is because I'm a huge fan of Anne Rice. It was my sex worker name, also.


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Mine is from a particular favorite song, from a particular favorite band.


I considered just using my first name but I knew it would be taken because it's so common (and it was). Then I thought maybe I should try to stay incognito. So I started thinking about aliases from TV.
Art Vandilie was one that came to mind but just didn't feel like my style. Then I remembered Dale Gribble and his all to often used alias "Rooster Codburn". I felt it would easily reveal my gender and it fit me because we raise chickens on our micro farm.


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Anything connected with "King of the Hill" meets my approval. :)


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I usually go by Selenite which is just a very pretty crystalized version of gypsum that was named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. I am not a worshiper of any specific gods or religion at the moment, but I have always loved the moon and so the symbolism drew me to the name. Unfortunately it's the same for many people, so usually its not available.

under_moonlight was a name I came up with when I realized Selenite was also already taken on FetLife. At the time I had been listening to the cover of 'Dancing in the Moonlight' done by Jubël. The title was a mouthful so I played around with it until I got under_moonlight which I still felt got the general sense across. I also thought about how lovely it would be to be romanced under moonlight which just makes it even better! 🌜

I sign off as Moon because it's where both these names sort of stem from for me!



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I was thinking Selenite might be moon-related. :)

Yeah, it always come back to the moon for me! It's a beautiful thing, it's a very calm and peaceful presence (something I sometimes strive for)! Better than the user names I used back in high school - mostly weird nick names like molly_mouse and techno_colored_hearts, or plays on my previous last name 😅