Why do you use the online name that you use?


It's part of my roller derby name... :D

It IS my roller-derby name. But I had this name for 25 years before that.

(I was using the name YGirl because if you read my very first post on here, the initials of the "other guy" mentioned in that post are "YG". Well, I eventually got sick of seeing that every time I view this forum, so I changed my name back to that which it has been forever. I was just waiting for it to clear Two Evils so that I wouldn't jinx it as my roller derby name. I am a superstitious person.)
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Mine is simple-my job is as a fitness trainer,I do have another nickname pertaining to my business but I'd rather not use it on here for privacy reasons ;)


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Mine is simple.....My first name begins with T, and my wife's first name starts with an L....We will be together forever....And we are looking for someone else to share our lives with too.


The 'Super' part is because of SuperGrover. My husband and I, once had some silly spat, and knowing my love of all things Jim Henson, He did a Grover 'Near,....Far' impersonation, that had us both laughing until our muscles were sore. Needless to say, the spat was over.

It`s a good memory, that brings about many 'Super' jokes.

JA is the first 2 letters of his name, and ST is the first two letters of my name. 'JAST' has been used when we do anything together. When I was pregnant and we didnt know what the sex of the baby was yet, we called the baby, 'JAST'.


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Someone already recognized where my name on here came from and PM'd me about it. I used to live in the Cowley Road district of Oxford--a strange, vibrant and wonderful place which neatly seems to fit the community I seem to be in now, 10 years after I last lived down Cowley way.


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Mindful Agony is the name of my blog. To quote from there: Why Mindful Agony? I was sitting down meditating this morning and I was reminded of how difficult it is to sit through discomfort and stay focused on the object of meditation. Not Agony in it’s literal sense… But, it is agonizing to not seek that comfort… a mental anguish that hightens the physical discomfort beyond its actual level.

And, when you think about it, that’s a really good analogue for a lot of life. Going through instead of around discomfort and pain is most often the path to a better outcome.


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I took mine from a pen and paper RPG, Werewolf the Apocalypse. My oldest brother, also a fan of the game, used to say I would be a ragabash (in the context of the game they're the ones who try to get people to question the way they think and act, hopefully for their betterment) and the name stuck when we, out of curiosity checked what I would actually be in the game (the roles of the characters are determined by the phase of the moon at their birth) and I actually would have been one in the game.

Shorter version that's less confusing: I took mine from a term in a game.


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LOL, Mohegan's name was originally a gangrel she had writen up a background for, in conjunction with her scary Toreador.

Nice to see another old WoD player on here. :)


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LOL, Mohegan's name was originally a gangrel she had writen up a background for, in conjunction with her scary Toreador.

Nice to see another old WoD player on here. :)

And it's nice to see I didn't totally confuse everyone with the details. :p


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The story behind mine is not overly interesting.

My name is Andy, I share it with 5 or 6 billion other people it seems... Adding my surname narrows that down to about 1 billion.... haha

The 4700 I got from the International truck 4700 chassis.... fascinating huh? :p

On most forums I am Andy(then the model number of a small payloader) But I don't want to show up here to friends and family if they google search that name....:(

I like heavy trucks and earth moving machinery....:rolleyes:


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Most of my screen names are onimonipea (I just LOVE that word!) that have my name in them. I have been scolded numerous times for giving the internet-at-large my information by caring &/or snide individuals to which I reply: "Anyone who want's to show up for a meal I'll feed 'em, but if there's trouble I'll beat 'em with a stick."
My round-about point is that I am me. I like me. I'm not afraid to show me to you. (and I'm weird.) HI!


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!!! Confuse?? HEHE! I LOVE VtM! I only played Warewolf once & that didn't get too far before someone threw a tantrum & game over; but it's all in who's playing, right?:rolleyes:

Roleplayers have the best tantrums... I may have been guilty of one or two myself in my teens... I've seen dice thrown, miniatures stamped on, character sheets ripped apart. It's the main reason I prefer to buy hardcover books where possible, they make a useful tool for silencing troublesome players (either by slamming them on the table or slamming them on the player).


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Well, that's a bit embarrassing... But I'm mostly out now so I might as well answer.
I didn't want to use the screen name I use everywhere when I joined here, because I wanted to remain anonymous, and I didn't want people to just google my screen name and find this forum or something.
At the time, I was starting to like someone, who I still like I should add (it's been 6 months now), and at a loss for ideas as to what name to pick, I just used his as inspiration.
Tonberries are a creature from the Final Fantasy series. His identity online wasn't as a Tonberry though, but a Master Tonberry (a more powerful creature). I picked that name based on the fact that I like him, as this was my reason for joining this forum: prior to that I was poly, but not interested in anyone besides my husband. When it changed I felt the need to talk to people and ask for advice.

I'm fairly certain he knows I like him by now, so I'm less freaked out talking about it. Apart from him, I really couldn't care less who finds out I like him, really.


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Mine got started in high school. We were trying to get a quake clan going, and we thought NUKE would be great initials for it, and we wanted to figure out what we could turn NUKE into an anagram for.

And we came up with Never Underestimate Killer Eskimos. Once we came up with that, i adopted Killer Eskimo as my quake name. It was later shortened just to eskimo, which I've been for many years.

I also became BatDwarf when I used to play Warcraft. I loved batman, and so I a dwarf name Batdwarf, and elf named Batelf, etc, but BatDwarf was the most common one.

Those are the two nicknames I use online. If my name is taken I add 81, or 1981 to the end, because that's the year I was born.


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Asked my kids to help me come up with a online user name. Their response: "USER756" yes I have smartass boys.
"S" is my first initial and "Neacail" is my maiden name in the original gaelic. Not real original I know. I am still looking for a better user name that doesn't incorperate my RL name.


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Fab thread :) I love reading peoples answers!

For myself, once when asked to play the "what animal would you be" I decided on bumblebee because they are indedendant, jolly and positive. Bumblebee contracted to Bumbly to bimbly (harmless and friendly ambling) and Nim is a contraction of my given name.

wasn't Ariakas leader of one of the 7 dragon armys? :eek: haven't read dragonlance for years, almost want to dig it up again but just totally ruined the song of the lioness for myselff by re reading it, so might be better to leave it as scetchy slightly embarrasing pubecent memory


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That has seriously been bugging me since I joined the forum! :D

(yes, I am that big of a geek)