Why do you use the online name that you use?


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Yes Ma'am

Raised by a born 'n' bred southern military man. "Ma'am" and "Sir" were just part of everyday vocabulary. I still call people by those terms, regardless of their age.

In a BDSM sense, it matches me even better.


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A friend once told me I could make a trucker blush with some of the things I say. He then insisted on calling me Trucker Pete.

I rather liked it, and keep it now. I'm curious as to who the other online TPs are when I find "my" handle is taken!


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I'm a big animal person, and I guess a bug person too.

At one point, there was a cricket trapped in the space between the top of the kitchen cupboard and the ceiling, and I'd had a really upsetting week, so somehow it was all I could do not to burst into tears thinking about that poor, trapped cricket.
J thought it was absolutely adorable that I'm such a bleeding heart, and teased me about it for ages.
Since Mohegan kind of seemed to see me as a little on the spineless side cuz I wouldn't open up and talk, I figured it was rather apropos.

So yeah: a small, twitchy little thing that's really quiet. Except when it's really not.


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Pretty self explanatory for ours:

We are

a LouisianA Bisexual Male Couple

In that the Wife is Straight(?) and the Husband is Bi.
We are also a mixed age couple, being separated in age by more then 20 years....
but not quite sure how to fit that into the Screen-name.



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What's in a name?....

Well My birthday is in Sept. that means Sapphire is my birthstone I am full of passion so there you have it.


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handle name

Hi everyone... First off, I am new here.

Poly Puzzle

It's a bit of a mystery defining this urge- this calling. I know how I am and looking to complete this puzzle of a life... I am a puzzle piece.. a poly puzzle piece and I am always looking to see where I fit... As with any puzzle,... there are always a few integral pieces missing. I am searching for those. Once complete, I will stand back and hopefully it will all make sense.. :)


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Simple enough. My husband and I met playing Final Fantasy 11. A friend from school introduced us because I was a new player, and he had been around for a while. We both were of the elvaan race, and our main jobs were Monk, so my friend asked him to show me the ropes. Somehow that became something more, and then we got married. lol.

I took Elvaan Monk because either one of us can post under the name and it'll be true.


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She took my name, and apparently there's a frowning upon for couples who use the same account. But I won in the end, I think.


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Mine is Redpepper and the story behind it is that I was having an emotional LDR with a man who is also a redhead. He used another veggie for his on line name and he suggested that I use redpepper for my name on Fet life, as I was starting an account. I didn't end up using that but decided to here.

I wish now that I hadn't used the name I did on Fet life as it is the only one of it's kind out there and at least redpepper is harder to google... you get a lot of red pepper recipes.... fine with me!

Anyway, I would change everything to this name if I could as it suits me somehow, or have I become someone because of it.... don't know.

It's funny because my nicknames in real life are far more soft and squishy.... kinda lovey and endearing. What does that say??? I'm a hard ass redhead when redpepper and not so much in real life? :confused: HA, you'll have to guess on that one... Mono would know. Probably a little of both..

If I had to pick a name for Mono that would suit him in real life it would be "schooner" as it's his fighting name. Or maybe "the littlest Hobo" as he saw himself like that at one point... or "sherpa" as he tends to carry all the stuff while the core primary family walks ahead (his choice I have to add!).

I wonder what he would pick for me?

My husband would be "mushroom" as he is a mushroom geek... always researching, picking, growing, getting together with a local mycological society... or maybe "fuzzy" as he was called that in high school due to his ultra curly blond hair.

Anyway, would love to here others?:D

He picked Lilo and mehow.
and of course PN chose polynerdist for himself.

wow, interesting to read back!


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This thread sure makes interesting reading! Whole lotta creativity out there.

In contrast, "anotherbo" was a bit of a mistake, fueled by manic impulse-control issues. Right that second, I needed a username so I could post something desperately important!... Anyhow, in my ex-neighborhood there were a few of us guys all named Bob, so I started to use "anotherbob"... then I worried about being "outted" if somebody realized who I was by stuff I posted on here, so I dropped the last "b".

Anotherbo seemed somewhat appropriate, since I was interested in finding a woman who wanted another boyfriend/husband and was also toying with the idea of looking for a beaux of my own. Later I realized I hadn't capitalized the a! (*sigh*)

Anyhow, I just opened a Fetlife account with a username that feels a bit more appropriate, MoeJoeBob. Still doesn't feel perfect though.


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One morning after B and H left for work, he texted me and said "fuck pancakes, I want you for breakfast!" For about a week after that, we sent each other funny pancake pictures at work...I had a nice little collection! So occasionally I call him pancake and thought it was a good screen name for me. Not too interestin...just a little inside joke between me and B.


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Having read most of the posts in this thread, I realise that I have not given an enormous amount of thought to my online name. I simply like it and feel an affinity for it.
In June/July of 2009 I was unemployed and frustrated. I spent a lot of time randomly surfing the internet, not looking for anything specific but simply following whims and clicking on whatever seemed more fascinating than the last. In this way I discovered Papua New Guinnea and one of its many official languages, Tok Pisin (Tok Pisin is Tok Pisin for 'Talk Pidgin'). Tok Pisin is essentially English saturated (and therefore changed) by a non-English culture. For a while I explored the language, for a variety of reasons and random purposes.
I cannot pin-point the exact reasons for my attraction to the word 'narapela'.
Essentially it means 'other' and, based on Tok Pisin phonetics and characteristics, the word is essentially derived from 'Another Fellow'.
While I have not completely analysed the possible reasons for being fascinated by the word, 'narapela', I have used it as a name in on- and off-line activities.
I've been using a mash up of my first and last name for years 'stellace' but marriage has changed my name and it doesn't seem fitting anymore. I often use my stage name (love the other strippers on here!) but I felt the need to be more discreet, so time for a new handle.

Just the night before picking my new handle a beautiful song floated through my head and I sang the same lyrics over and over again.

It's a sin that somehow Light is changing to shadow
And casting it's shroud Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that we're all alone
In the dream of the proud
On the wings of the night
As the daytime is stirring
Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange
And mesmerised as they light the flame
Feel the new wind of change On the wings of the night

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/pink+floyd/#share

But somehow I messed up the lyrics 'As the daytime is stirring' and ended up with 'DaylightStirring' the lyrics seem to hold a new meaning about opening up to my poly side, that I tucked away when I met my husband.


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Marius de Romanus is actually a Roman vampire from Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. He's my favorite, and I find that how he handles love in the book about him (Blood and Gold) is the same way I handle it usually. He loves tightly and sometimes he's afraid to let himself love. I find myself using this name for things more and more... I think I just enjoy being referred to as Marius. :D

As for my metamours... I chose all their names since I was the first person out of my relationship on this site, and I chose names that had something to do with all their personalities. Company is because he's so damn sociable-- I can't go anywhere with him without him making a new friend somehow! Thunder came from the character he plays on WoW, Thunderga. Selene for Selene because we have this odd connection to the moon, her more so than I. Andulvar was from a book, Andulvar Yaslana was a Eryian Prince in the Black Jewels saga, and Andulvar is much the same. Ariel loves the sea... and Vegeta has a wickedly bitchy cat by the same name.

I never really thought to ask if they liked the nicknames I'd given them on here. Mostly in real life it's a lot of "baby" and "love". Gets difficult when you're in the same room as everyone and suddenly you say "Hey babe!" You have four people at least asking "Which babe?"


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We picked this one just for this part of our lives. Just 3 is pertaining to the fact there is 3 of us in this relationship. :) perty simple I guess. We like to have a screen name thats us together. Instead of using our single ones that we use elsewhere.


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I got mine a few years ago after wanting to set up an e-mail address. Wasn't feeling very creative at the time so asked a friend next to me. He just said "why not some geezer @ blah blah". He meant it sarcastically, but I thought Somegeezer has a nice ring to it.

Another I often use is Liquid Mind. It's from something I saw. [strangely, on that same friend's t-shirt]... It said "Solid Conscience ~ Liquid Mind". I use that for my MSN screen name and often shorten it to Liquid Mind for some things. That sentence really makes me think too.

Solid Conscience ~ Liquid Mind


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My husband got the nll part based on a mathematics topic (nllsq to those interested), and the swing part due to his interest in swinging with others.

Athena was my favorite Greek Goddess, and still is. If you wanted your character to most be like a particular Greek God, Athena would be it -except I get to go on to having a mother aspect to myself, and my rages aren't as petulant. Although in reality all those myths that seem a bit bizarro and unworthy of a god/goddess actually encompass mysteries that have to be figured out about the deity's nature, function and about the order of nature in general.


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Mirrormelovely was my name on a dating site for awhile. I chose it because when I see that name it reminds me to remember that I am a lovely soul, inside and out...even on the days I don't feel it ;)