Wife wants a boyfriend


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We are totally in love and have been married over 33 years I’m 55 and my wife is 56, a few years ago we played about a bit in the hotwifing scene where she had a short term relationship with one of my friends, this led to great fun nights but he moved away 5 years ago, now she has suggested that she gets a boyfriend to spark up our relationship, she wants someone to go to salsa classes with her and out to the theatre ect these as things I would never do I’m a stay at home husband, I’m really cool with it and support her desires the problem we have is actually finding her a decent man who understands her needs, it’s not just a quick one she’s after she needs romance and love,
So we go out to out local town looking for potential suitable males 🤡 most are idiots and she goes out with a single female friend from time to time and has had some make attention and she’s done a bit of online dating and again it’s always the same thing, men want a quick one with no commitment, how does she find a proper boyfriend


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I see you posted the same thing in 2 of our forums. This is the dating section. If you are helping your wife seek a bf for herself, did you mean for this post to be an invitation for men to contact you on her behalf? If so, you should post your general location.

If you wife wanted to join the board too, she'd have a better chance, by joining our community, to meet likeminded people.
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