I've been trained as a witch, though as a male-bodied person I felt uncomfortable using the term for a long time, preferring to use the less specific 'Pagan'. Now I use both - there are plenty of male witches!

Hmm. Not all Pagans are witches and not all witches are Pagans, so the terms aren't synonymous. There are Jewish witches and Christian witches and atheist witches. There are lots of Pagans who aren't witches and Pagan religions that don't involve witchcraft.

For example, I'm Pagan and not a witch. I never assume that any other Pagan I meet is a witch.

belief can be a powerful thiing! many have fought and died for just a belief . lives ruined and created for the same. the power of belief is in us all...what do you believe in?
Hi infinity,
I was raised a Catholic as a child so "witchcraft and magic" is something I experienced during the Sunday masses or service. During the Eurcharist, the invocative ritual of the priest culminate in what they call as the consecration where the bread is transformed into the body of their deity. This magical process is called "trans-substantiation". Is it effective? To many, it is still wafer after that; but to others, their consciousness are so altered after the communion that it resulted in healing, behaviorial change, temporary consciousness high, etc.. In Wicca, same thing happens replacing the male deity with a feminine one, and the priestess does the drawing down the moon ritual. Probably, everything is subjective.

But if you refer to witchcraft not as a religion but as a technique, catholicism did have a practice called "novena" directed to the deity or some saints to achieve material gains.

From these you can see the parallelism. I believe it is just a matter of temperament as to what belief system (including positivism/empiricism) a person is drawn to or have affinity with. In the end, all of them can lead to dogmatism :)
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Warlock sounds like too much Harry Potter too me

A male witch is still a witch. He can also be a priest, shaman, pagan, shapeshifter, etc.

A male who seriously considers himself a warlock is either someone you want nothing todo with or too new/young to understand what he is saying.

Your word is what binds you and marks you as witch - a warlock is an oath breaker whose word can not be trusted.

I to was raised Catholic, left ot long long ago. What you call communion, I call ritualized cannibalism. Pagans/Witches eg don't replace male diety whith female deity - we merely balance deity as we balance to rest of our life.
If you want an example of magic, I'm a kitchen witch who does most of the baking with intent for cakes and ale. For a Lughnasah ritual once when we sliced the heavy grain loaf I made as offering we found the stick figure of a man running the length of the loaf allowing everyone to partake of the grain god & allow all who wished to take home pieces to bury in their gardens for fertility in the next year.
I was raised in an open minded family that left My spiritual pursuit to My own devices. Im thankful I was raised like that. I became an eclectic Witch along time ago. I was inspired by a book a friend lent me and it spoke to me more than any other path. I also found the assistance from ISIS during the exorcism We preformed on My ex-wife.
Magick is no parlor trick or toy to be taken lightly it is a very serious action that can better lives or bring them to the brink of total destruction.