Woman Seeking Couple - Omaha, NE


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Hi, I'm very new to this. My sex therapist suggested I reach out to the polyamory community, so here I am.

I'm 38 years old with an upcoming birthday. I'm well educated, have a great job, love to travel and have fun. I'm pretty high energy and have been described as "effervescent"! I'm originally from Canada and have been in the US almost 20 years. I do speak French. I enjoy RVing, dancing, attending cultural events and most things sci-fi.

I'm looking for 2 guys (first preference) or a guy and a girl. As I'm new to polyamory I really don't know what to expect. For many years I've thought about how unrealistic it seemed to expect 1 person to meet all one's needs and expectations. Different people have different strengths and bring different things to the relationship. Before I started seeing my ST I really had no clue entire communities existed outside of what I knew as it related to Mormon polygamy or polygyny in India. I honestly don't know anyone who would seriously embrace the idea of two husbands or boyfriends but I feel that I could and would love the opportunity to explore this more.

I am open to people living outside my city however I can't relocate at this time. I have pictures to trade and am always open to meeting for coffee or martinis!


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Omaha A!

Hello Avea,
I'm a new member, this is my first post and I can't believe you are in Omaha!
Message me if you'd like to get acquainted. I have not set up a profile here or on OKC where I recently signed on to as well. Good luck to you in your search.