Yet another Newbie..


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hey everyone,nice to meet you all! I've been reading this board on and off for a few days now and I'm very impressed with the openness and honesty of all of you! :)

A bit about me...I always thought I was a mono and was brought up to believe in the traditional 'happily ever after' scenario of monogamy but probably in the last year I've realised that for me this is probably not going to happen because I honestly feel that 'one' person cannot meet my needs on the levels I desire. I have had a poly male friend for about 18 months and have discussed the lifestyle with him extensively and recently we have become involved on a deeper level which surprised me because I initially felt I would not be able to 'share' him,but I have adapted pretty quickly because he has been upfront about who he is and how being a poly fits into his life..

I am very much about self acceptance and not trying to change someone to suit myself because over the years I have had boyfriends try and change me,which I fully resented. Now i am in a position where I have met someone who not only accepts me but encourages me to think outside the square...and I like that...and it feels somehow 'right' :)

anyway enough rambling,I do have an issue that I need your help with so I will go ahead and post it!