Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!


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perhaps I need to take the pictures down!! My profile specifically says im poly, happily married and committed to my BF as well and NOT dating, not at al. note even a little. though i keep getting the "hi.. u r hot" messages. oy.

They don't even read the profiles we've labored over! I even had one man say to me, "Like most men, I look at the pix and try and think of something to say about them."

Good grief. Do you want to date a person, or just a body? It's really quite misogynistic, when you think about it.


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Morrigan, you always get the best worst messages! Was it you who got that message from some guy asking if you washed your private parts?

I remember someone asking me if he could 'clean' them for me by licking my ass...eww.
And I'm not even sure what is triggering messages like these. My profile pic shows half of my face and I'm not implying in any way (or at least not that I'm aware of) that I might be into things like that.


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Yesterday from a 35 year old with no profile except the list of what he's looking for

at 4:05PM

"Hi Magdlyn
I love your pics
would you give a younger guy a chance to take you out
my name is ___
What is your name? "

at 4:12


at 4:54PM

"hey magdlyn
I love your sexy pics
you like younger guys? "

at 5:06PM

"hello you there?"

also at 5:06PM

"love the pic of you in your underwear "

I guess he finally came after that! No more messages. Ugh.


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This was my favorite last week: I was on briefly, and about to move on to another activity, when I got the chat pop-up that said, simply,


I had no idea who the person was, and I suspect that's exactly why he sent that - so I would click over and review his profile to see if he was someone I actually recognized. I debated with myself for a full 60 seconds whether or not I wanted to go down that road, and I finally folded and answered him with:

"Does that usually work for you?" To which he responded, "Dunno, I'm trying something new. :)" It did make me laugh, and I told him so. I guess it worked in getting me to respond to him. I didn't carry the conversation beyond that, but I was pretty amused.


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This week's gems

This week, the following clunkers were found in my OKC inbox.

From a 59% match:
hi are u today..very nice pics..u are a very attractive for some friendly chat?​

Hun? Ugh! Obviously, he didn't read my profile (I say to message me if at least a 75% match or more). And why do these schmucks think all a woman needs is a compliment to be interested? Blocked immediately.

Then this:
I would send you stars, but don't see that feature...Beautiful narrative, heartfelt...and complete! Geesh, I listed directors... But there are other things to speak of, and conversate on. Best to you in all this. And BTW: pretty damn original moniker! Cheers to you, richard​

Stars? Well, while it was polite enough, he didn't get specific enough to make me think he actually read my profile. And then he wrote "conversate." Oy. We're supposedly a 92% match, but he's only answered about 150 questions in comparison to my 700+, so it isn't really going to be very accurate in that regard. Besides, he claims to be 56 but looks to be over 70. No thanks.

Ciao, how are you?
How has your night been?
Hope to talk sometime.

Poor Luigi is a 32% match. I blocked him after sending him, er... an illuminating message about why I'm not interested.

Slim pickin's going on over there lately.
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After moving to a new city, a friend of mine recently mentioned the much more suitable crop of OKC potential suitors in her new area and the reduction in messages she receives from people who have obviously not bothered to read her profile. I mention it only because I love the phrase she used to describe the behaviour: "spamming for clam".


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I tweaked my profile yesterday, which brings you to people's feeds. So, I had about 50 lookers and 8 guys message me throughout the day. All boring or gross.


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only answered about 150 questions in comparison to my 700+
Always seems that way. Lure you in with the 90%, but answered 2 questions, with a blank profile. I really don't understand OKC's match system. Even after I've read the official explanations of how it all works, it still just isn't clear enough. :rolleyes:


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Messages continue to pour in since I tweaked my profile. What I said was:

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

How annoying it is that 80% of men that message me do not reference my profile, just my pix. Guys, it's nice you think I have a nice smile or body, but do you realize how misogynistic and shallow you seem if that is all you can mention in your first message?

But most of the messages are just as lame as ever. Some of them say "You have a nice profile." Ugh. Say something ABOUT the profile, lazy men!

I got this yesterday, from a 24 year old:

I have a make or break question for you. There's a lot on the line here... What is the name of the sloth in the ice age movies?! Don't cheat!

Of course, I replied, I have no idea, it's not my kind of movie. Overnight he comes back with, "Are you free today"

But in better news, after over a dozen lame-ohs, 2 actual intelligent seeming, experienced poly men contacted me yesterday too. Both are far away, but travel often. I even chatted with one on the okc chat function last night. They both seem nice, definite potential. So much dross to weed through to get to the occasional gold nugget. Sheesh.


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Ur hawtness bb!!!!! We shud chill ot an smoke sum weed

Be cool!! :) ^.^
End quote.

Sent from no pic, 0% match 0% friend 94% enamy (how does that work?)

-> There is nothing even remotely marijuana positive on my profile. And I don't look like a burned out hippy in any of my pics.

<insert face of dissapointment here>


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(from guy, 51 % match, questions say he finds religion extremely important (I don't) and that he would never consider an open relationship.

first one:

next one, 2 minutes later:
'hi hi'

I'm holding my breath, will there be a third one that says 'hi hi hi' :D


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What is wrong with this sentence:

Hell, how are you doing today, Nice to meet.


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Got a message that I don't really know how to respond to. We're a 95 % match, the profie is interesting and well written, the guy is openly poly, the message he sent me is funny, smart, indicates he's ready my profile, and has just the right tone.

But... I look at his pictures and he is so completely not my type.. to the point where I could not even imagine being physical with him as friends.

Don't really know what to respond.. Usually when I am really not attracted, I've always managed to find something in the profile that I can use as reason for not connecting. But not here.


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Ok - here is a gem:
Hello handsome
Looking to have some great sex ! Lol then go from there . Can you make that happen ? Enjoy your day

I got this one after I changed my status to single:
How goes it and sorry

This one at least read some of my profile:
nice profile. also kinky here. and i'm planning on going to burning man for my first time this year.

But I have saved the best one for last:

I just got an email with you as one of my Quiver Matches....You look familiar. Have we met?
- this requires some context to appreciate: this came from my partner of 7 years, who I'm fairly close with to date - he got 5 stars for it.


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So the same guy who sent me the "Looking for Friends" message last month sent me this gem this month when I didn't respond. . .

"I just realized that you may not have noticed the subtle humor... My initial message was a reference to your claim that you're a "gamer girl"
I didn't think about it till now that people don't always know what their own profile says."

Ofcourse I know what my profile says, I just updated it, but both my husband and I could not figure out how this "Not interested in the least I take it? Well that's too bad. I could've friended the shit out of you... Or something like that." Has anything to do with my being a gamer girl.