Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!


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Sent From a 23/F 60% match whos profile I glanced at:

"Nobody likes retrosexuals anymore."

Wha? Huh?

I think at this point I'm just keeping the profile active out of morbid curiosity.


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I've got a pile I've been saving up:

What keeps you up on monday? just crossing your fingers that some handsome guy that has had a couple beers will come along and ask you to use a strap-on on him while your husband watches?

Trade nudes sexy?!

I do not relate well to your polyamory ambitions...


That's nice?:confused::rolleyes:


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What the hell is a "retrosexual"?

Someone who prefers to have sex on a round bed with satin sheets underneath a disco ball, gold lamé undies, and Barry White playing in the background, with a wild, crazy mustache and gold-rimmed glasses?

<fans self>


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I had to google it. Apparently it is a girl with 50's morals. For a guy opposite of metrosexual.


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This is one of my recent ones:

'hey you seem pretty cool and I can fly so yeah'

You seem cool, I can defy gravity, therefore perfect match! Apparently.

And I also got:

'hey there! WOAH i should have bought my burn cream! you are hot stuff!'

I have never heard of a chat up line, such as above, actually working.


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What's wrong with these messages? :)

"FWB Hun?"

"Tonight I have finally worked up the courage to say hello to you!"

"Wow we have alot in common my name is ___ Lets exchange info meet for coffee talk first of course."

And here's something not to do: put almost no information on your profile so that you are only a 30% match even with people you might be compatible with if you had answered more questions. Such a gentleman messaged me; I replied to say it doesn't look like we have much in common; he responded with, "Well I don't put much on my profile so that we will have something to talk about!"

Seriously, dude, does that ever work? The one benefit of online dating is that it saves time & trouble because you can find and/or eliminate people based on their profiles. If your profile says almost nothing...why would that make me want to talk to you?

I guess that works in the mind of a guy who searches for hot pictures and doesn't bother reading the profiles?


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I just recently joined OKC, and have already had a number of interesting messages. My personal favourite was "Hi. Like your tatts - can I lick them all over?" Umm - no!?

But besides the dross, even out here in the sticks, there does seem to be a number of people who actually seem to read what I have shown on the profile; that was a nice surprise!


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My most recently received email message on OkCupid was:


Inspiring, is it not? It tells me ever so much about the person!


Honestly, I don't know how to reply to these. I need a canned response or something that I can cut and paste when the person gives me so little inspiration.

I don't get much traffic on my OKC, but I do occasionally get those one word 'hello' things. I respond in kind. "Hello"

Lobs the ball right back into their court. :)


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Hello Angel, How are you doing today? anyway I' am [X] actually i was passing by a saw your profile so i decided to wait a minute and say hello to you....Wow.!! you look very wonderful in your pics,...where did you take it from...AWWW i really love the smile of you anyway Are you one of the Angel's sent by God..? I do like your photos very much....and i will like to know more about you do you care for chat..? Well am looking forward to hear from you soon Sunshine...

*shudder* His profile says he's a devout Christian, and he lives 1500 miles away in Texas.

another one:

miam miam

He's also in Texas. I guess that means, yum yum?


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*shudder* His profile says he's a devout Christian, and he lives 1500 miles away in Texas.

another one:

He's also in Texas. I guess that means, yum yum?

Miam miam is French for yum yum. I'm not sure if maybe the guys if from that part of Texas that is creole-influenced, and using some French terms, maybe? Or maybe he (or his family) is from a French-speaking country originally?
There is also the option that it's not just a French thing, but it's my first time seeing it used in English, I have to say.


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Creepy and a little crawly

"Do you like your feet kissed? And have you ever tortured a bug?"

I got that today. :eek:


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We just created a account at OKC, within minutes we had a message from a local telling us about a FB group for local poly people.
What a great first message.


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So what brings you on here!? I know you can't be having any issues finding a decent man lol..How long have you been single for?

Obviously he has little ability to read. In the 2nd paragraph of my profile, I write:

If you read this far, let me tell you I am polyamorous. I've got a live-in girlfriend and a boyfriend I see regularly.



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"Your a real looker. Wanna date me and make yorself look even better?"

Yeah, no.


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A few more gems in my OKCupid Inbox...

I just deleted and blocked three one-word messages I got in a row - each of them just said "Hello." :confused: They were all from guys who were from 10 - 30% matches. Waste of time and energy.

Then another 30% match send this:
"Good morning. Interested in chatting and getting to know each other?​"
Umm, no, why should I?

A 54% match wrote:

You look Stunning , graceful and impressive .

Trust me , your expressions would leave imprints on any reasonable mind. HA HA HA"
Ha ha ha, BLOCK!

Another genius sent:
"Hi,can i get to know you?
Please note that he spelled Michael wrong.

But the Copy Pasta Award goes to this one (a 30% match):
"Hello It's amazing meeting someone like you. Your profile caught my eye as I was searching the site and would like to meet you. As I read about you in the profile, I was taken with your words, openness, sincerity, and personality. When I looked at your photo, I could feel the sensitivity of your heart. My name is Richard...I am very down to earth, have a great personality, love to make people laugh and smile. I love family, children, traveling, music, dancing, art, sports, theater, and most importantly, I am a hopeless romantic. I love to show a woman how special and important she is to me. I would love to hear back from you. Distance and relocation is not a problem for me. I believe if I want to truly meet my soul mate, I cannot limit myself to a geographic area. What matters is Trust and Honesty and a relationship begin on a basic foundation of friendship with trust and i want you to know that i am looking for true love.What I'm searching for is a woman who'll stand by me who will walk through the fire and be my flame in the night.Oh and I won't settle for less then what I deserve a friend and a lover who will love me for the rest of my life. I have much to give and am looking for a relationship that will offer a best friend first, then ultimately a passionate future. I am single currently and I'm living alone . They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when i saw yours, i was speechless. Tell me about yourself in your email to me .You can add me to your messenger..My yahoo IM is ------- and you can also email me ( at [email protected] ). Hope to hear from you soon. Or text me on ------------------"

I re-enabled my OKCupid account about two or three months ago, live in a city with over 8 million people, and this is the crap I get sent to me. Where are the quality guys with brains?
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He may not have spelled it wrong; parents are intentionally spelling it differently and have been for the last 20 years. I even know a Michelle who's parents spelled it Michele. I know one Michael who spelled it Mykel. Still up to you who you date or block, but don't automatically assume they spelled their own name wrong.


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I know Micheles and Michelles; Kristins and Kristens; Jennifers, Jenifers, and Gen(n)ifers. The real question is, was it spelled one way on his profile and another in his message? ;)


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The spelling of his name wasn't really the point. His lame-ass message was enough for me to block him. I didn't visit his profile, and his first name might not've been part of his user name. I only mentioned how it was spelled to add some flavor to my post. Could've been a typo, who cares.


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I know someone named Micheal. It bugs me every time I read his name. I keep wanting to pronounce it differently.

Obviously his name isn't the main issue. I doubt you would have been all over him if it had been spelled more traditionally :p

I re-enabled my profile recently, but to find friends in my area (I thought, I already have a profile, might as well give it a try even though it's mainly a dating website). I changed my criteria to "new friends" only, open to both genders, pretty much any age, and added many references in my profile to the fact I'm looking for friends.

I have received no messages, which while disappointing is not unexpected. But what gets to me is that every day I get 3-4 "likes", all for straight, single males, all looking for single women. I'm marked as not single on my profile, why is my profile even coming up? And why do they "like" me when I don't fit the profile (most don't have "new friends" as part of what they're looking for. A few have had "casual sex" as the only option)? And if they like me so much, why is none of them sending me a message?

I'm mostly annoyed with OKCupid's search for being broken. People who are looking for straight women shouldn't see me in their results. Neither should people who are not looking for friends.


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Ever since Match took over OKCupid, they have let go of so many features that made it a fun community and not just about dating. No more Awards to give people (there used to be "Great Date," "Smarter than Your Average Bear," and so on), no more Journals and discussions in Journal posts (I made some friends that way), no more personal Notes you can add to a profile, and no more seeing if someone is online in your Visitor List before you click on their profile... for a start. There all these other little things that they got rid of one by one - like you can't even see who you gave stars to anymore, and most people don't even know there's a forum there because there are no links to it, blablabla. Now it's just an online meat market full of creeps.

I am so fed up with it. Unless OKC substantially improves, and soon, I may take down my profile for good.