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Trying to rebuild trust of him. He says he loves me for better or worse but is still unsure. I want to know is that unsure between mono or poly with me there either way or is he thinking about staying in a mon poly relationship with his wife.

Not sure what the point of rambling on here is. Not sure if I have a question for the community.
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you know sometimes it's just good to vent and I have found it far easier to do it to people you will probably never meet, so I say vent away and if I can help or anyone else here I am sure we will try :)
It worked. I fell for him. A year later I broke my long term rule and moved back to the states for him. He said he wasn’t sure whether he wanted poly or to be monogamous with me but he was in love with me and he wanted to see if marriage would work in the future. His wife thought he was sure he wanted poly and now HaTES me. He acts like he is cheating on two people rather than being poly. I am heart broken.
Around the same time an old friend had his marriage nearly collapse. Saved only by my friend trying having a girl friend. I recommended against me because I tend to push people who don’t play fair out of relationships. But also probably because I was beginning to feel like less complications would be better. We kept talking he tried hard to get me to fall for him. Including a fairytale trip to my newest wanderlust ob
Trying to figure out whether this relationship is worth it’s difficulties. I was happily living an adventurous life. Collecting way too many complications but not letting them consume my life. I got to a point where I realized that the complications were armor I didn’t need. I had gotten to a place where I enjoyed my own company and thought maybe letting someone in to the daily bit who wanted to be there might be nce
Poly curious in an imbalanced ploy relationship with an old friend whose wife cheated then called Poly.
My partner has long stated he isn’t sure what he wants. Currently uneasy poly is our status quo and my meta is off the deep end paranoid and revisionist.
Part of me wonders does ethical polyamory exist. Part of me says this is just a bad example. Monogamous or poly my partner and I each have baggage to workout
Even though you must be sought after by all we had hoped perhaps we could at the very least strike up a friendship Oh and the town we are moving to is a college town so there is
My wife loves doing all the girl stuff and longs for the days when she had a sister to love and just hang out with and I myself miss having someone to be there for me as a loving caring secondary wife. Yes this is alot but we thought no risk no gain.
if you have never been it's absolutely gorgeous we are tired of the rat race and want to get back to nature somewhere you can take nice long walks fish in your own pond have huge BBQs have a bit too much to drink at times and just enjoy it but we lack one main part to this whole equation.
Hello we just wanted to meet. The wife and I are older yes but our main goal is to enjoy life . We are currently searching for someone like you actually. We are in california now but will be moving in a few months to Arkansas,
I’m looking for a 2nd wife to live and travel with me and my 1st wife. I travel a lot with my job and we would love to have someone with a creative spirit that won’t mind blogging with us
We are looking for a loving honest person who can be both secondary wife to a Husband and best friend to a wife. A person who would share in our best years and want the love we have to offer while being our third hand
a couple of 22 years who need someone to share in the love and feelings we have to offer. We love to go out for some fun but also like to just be home with our animals. We love to through BIG BBQs but also like take-out cuddle up by a fire pit or on the couch with a good movie
I am a crazy polyamorous like to have chat online only because I do not exists in your state or country. If any one like to have chat and online friendship then write me back. Our long contact may change in deep relationship.
Love is trust with your partner lust starts with others then love can be with other never confuse lust and love