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Hi I’m a 30yo F, looking to make a triad or quad with two+ men. I’m into books, movies and music. I love to cook and bake, and enjoy nature whenever I can. I’m very new to being Poly so any advise or if your interested in getting to know me better, please don’t hesitate to reach out and PM me.

Hi Rose, welcome!
Hi Rose,

What do you mean by a triad? Maybe you mean a V. In a triad, all 3 members are equally sexually/romantically involved. Sometimes in quads, there are 2 main couples who trade partners. Maybe you just mean you think you'd like to date 2 or 3 guys.

If you want more advice about starting a MMMF quad or MMF triad, please start a thread in the Relationships section!
Hello KitCatBar and welcome! I saw your user name was new and online when I rolled over and woke up. I had a hiking buddy on the Appalachian trail named Kit Cat. She told me at first that it was because she liked to take a lot of breaks! Lol!
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@Bariah thank you for the warm welcome! I just had a green tea KitKat while petting one of my cats, and that is where my username came from, lol. Also, that nickname because of taking breaks is amazing haha. I also need a lot of stops on hikes...
older, intelligent and independent widowed male, seeking lesbian couple for fun times as threesome
hola mejorsex4u mi nombre es j carlos y estoy perdido en la pagina no se bien como funciona me podrias ayudar te lo agradeceria gracias y perdon por el atraco un saludo.
hi community, i am here just returned state side, have been in poly MFF relationship for 5 years while over seas. he is in search af a connection and possible spark of the same as his female partners could not come home with him due to the UCMJ and japan country law.
Hi LaZarus0321: I, am Bill, healthy single man, 76, no children, in Calif. I am new, but open, to poly. I seek poly woman, poly couple, for poly relationships. MFF, MMF, etc. Bill
Trying out new apps/sites
I like your profile pic:
Hi HaloOnFire; I am Bill 76 single man no children in Stockton Calif. Seek partner(s) for fun and more.
hi TinCup I am Bill 76 single man in Stockton, Calif. USA. No children. where are you? tell me about you. Thank you. Bill 209 x 815 x 5149