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Yeah, it's egoistic and while I would love to be shared, I have an issue with sharing others and it's not right! Shame! 🔔 Shame! 🔔 Shame! 🔔
Actually, identifying the problem means that you are halfway to resolving it!
As I shared before I really see it as a polygamy family, maybe for a while. Maybe I am a bit egoistic of wanting to have a couple of men, who will care for me, love me, and be my only, and I'll be theirs.

I take time to think about my "passive" polyamory!
My fiance told me about my "threesome fantasies", that I just want to be the center of attention and to feel caressed, by two men. But I don't think it's all that! 1/3
Visiting Adam is bittersweet since leaving is so very hard. But in just six weeks, I'll be home for good. It's going to be fantastic.
We are a fun, 420 friendly, happily married couple looking for a serious girlfriend/wife/unicorn to share life with
Sick of being sick! But at least I'm getting to talk to my American peeps during the day, that's the silver lining. I thought I'd be able to "work from home" today, but I'm still acutely fatigued 🥺
I’ve been in a poly-mono relationship with my kids dad for 3yrs,me being mono.I now want to be in a polyamory relationship.When he’s spending time with other women I feel lonely and want to have someone here when he is gone.I’ve made a few comments about having 2 men which leds into convos of us breaking up.I want to be with him but I also don’t want to feel lonely and by myself when he is gone with other women.HELP
Well it works both ways. He can’t just be only poly one and be like to you no you can’t date other men or we end it that’s imo not fair....
So I think you guys really need have bigger talk and see were your relationship will go..
I would prefer younger women under 40 and ideally for long-term. I am in New York state and can travel for right female(s).
Hey, we are a happily married, open-minded, non-judgmental, sex-positive couple. I am an “All American” girl with a killer body and my husband is an English gentleman with a wicked sense of humour.

We are hosts of Our Unicorn Diaries. A lifestyle podcast talking about our sexy adventures.

We are currently exploring a poly MFM relationship.
31 male 31 female, wanting to find someone to talk to an get to know. Interested in getting to know us an start off with messaging an text maybe phone calls live an go from there.
Hello were are you located
Hey everyone!! New to the group. I am interested in meeting people near the Columbus, Ohio area. If your in the area message me!!