I am pansexual, demisexual, polyamorous. I am lone wolf, kind, quiet, caring, patient, sensitive, easy going, non judgemental, private, secure, introvert, vegan.

A non drug taker of caffeine, alcohol and other classes. Hate small talk and often will not talk to anyone without a reason.

Like solitude and peace and quiet. Prefer deep and meaningful conversation. Also I am a bit of a hippy. I like things about spiritualality and the paranormal world.

I have already had one LD Poly Relationship with a lady which lasted around 3.5 years. I am not adverse to having another. Though I want it to be focused around Love, Care, Kindness more than sex. Though sex can definately be explored and used for pleasure for all or just one to one. I am definetly ok with sex and love making happening when there is a deep and meaningful connecton established.

With all Poly Relationships that I have and am open to having. Sex is not the main focus but again I am very cool with sex and love making being part of it.

I am allowing myself to be open to a variety of combinations for Future Poly Relationships. I think that way, I get the most out of life and the experiences it presents to me or has to offer me.

I get on best with people that are Loving & Kind & Caring & Non judgmental.



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