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MMF closed polyfidelity triad/throuple non-hierarchical

Looking for Bi man around our ages 36 her and 40 him.
In a perfect world he would have a deep loving connection and be sexual with her, and be super close friends and and be sexual with him. Sexual with him and her separately and all 3 together. All 3 will have say in decisions made for the family. Capable of open and honest communication a must. No hook ups. No primary/secondary relationship.
Interested in something long term and would eventually like for us to all live together on our lake property in Missouri. So he needs to be open to relocation.

We have children and family is very important to us. It's important to us that we have a lot in common with hobbies as well as goals .

Also looking for friendships with like minded people.
Hi- I wanted to reach out. I saw on one of your posts that your partner was married but his wife couldn't accept poly and then he got divorced. I am married and was in another relationship with a man- it was very intense and we are in love. His wife knew about me but he wasn't totally transparent. She found out we were talking and has given him the ultimatum of divorce or me. He has kids and they are the most important part so we aren't seeing each other but still talking. i'm going to cut off the talking because its just too hard. I'm heartbroken but want the best for the kids. If neither of us had kids we would be together.
Hello, my name is Toni. I live in an open relationship with my girlfriend MissK. I'm also interested in polyamory, and I am more from the poly-end of the swinger scene. I'm vlogging and MissK is blogging about our open lifestyle at threewaytheory.com
Hi there,
I am on here as a single female. But I am in a long term poly relationship. I too am looking for friends who share my outlook. I live in central Phoenix. Where are you?