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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    I am well. Thanks for asking. I am remarried and have my first child on the way. Christy, my wonderful partner, and I are open and conscientious friends andlovers. She has three children from a previous marriage and they keep me on my toes. (They have also infected me with their godforsaken...
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    Catfish Extract

    A Slight Return Upon revisiting this forum after some time away, my mistakes are painfully obvious, as well as my love. I live in California now. I have been holed up in paradise for 16 months, learning, working and soaking in sunshine. In 19 days, I will be returning home. Rarechild and I...
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    Catfish Extract

    I'm done here. You are all great. Slightly crazy, but great.
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    Catfish Extract

    It's Charlie's birthday. Rarechild and I are going through the hardest trials we have ever faced. Nothing has gone to plan this last year and there have been many, many irrevocable changes in all our lives. So much has happened, I don't know where to begin. I'll start with the separation. I...
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    What did you do today that made you smile?

    I realized that I have learned at least 1000 ways not to succeed in a polyamorous relationship, which puts me at least 1000 steps closer to success.
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    Pledge Drive (Poly Film Project)

    I would contribute as well. And I've seen kickstarter raise 10k in three days for an indie musician to buy a veggie oil burning tour bus, so this'll get funded. I guarantee it. I would also like to offer to help out with music. I know some very talented people in many different genres. And my...
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    Catfish Extract

    Thank you for the kind words, River. All of them.
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    Catfish Extract

    Patience I've recently gotten back into woodworking. I enjoy the detail work. It's about patience. The trick to getting through the details of any project (metaphor alert!) is keeping the end result in mind. Seeing the finished product in advance. Knowing how it will be shaped, step by step...
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    No Machine Required Ice Cream

    Or you could try this.
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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.
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    Catfish Extract

    What I have learned... Can be experienced here.
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    "I Grew Up In a Poly Household. Ask Me Anything"

    Saw this on Reddit today. A very interesting read.
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    Silence, Music, Mystery and Love. A user's guide to becoming awesome.

    To Be Continued... Seriously though, go here.
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    Catfish Extract

    Time for a new start. Yes. I'm done with this, and once again rebeginning. Letting a new story unfold itself in a new thread. It starts like this... Rocked by jealousy, despair and utter dissatisfaction, I've recently made some of the best decisions of my life. I've removed myself from the...
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    Managing the Magic and the Mundane

    I beg to differ, my friend.