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    Men vs. Women and "poly"

    I'll take a bit of a dissenting view. I agree that it's not black and white, and that some people are disingenuous . But I would offer, that as a male who supports the poly practices and is committed to them .... most guys don't have the level of emotional depth women expect them to have. I...
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    The Downside of Poly: Article in Psychology Today

    An article by Ms. D Anapol in Psychology Today, noting the downside to poly. I thought she made some very good points. What do you think?
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    New and searching for bf in S. Florida

    Welcome aboard...and I trust you enjoy SoFla. If you wish, pls look at meet are several poly groups in our part of the state. One we r building on the ocean side, and Tampa also has an active community.. is very poly friendly... It may help also Take care!
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    Your fave poly books - fiction and non fiction

    Thx Redpepper for your help!
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    Your fave poly books - fiction and non fiction

    This is one of the questions that came out of this month's polyamory social (Broward Florida): what books would you recommend people to read that are poly friendly and/or poly relevant? Fiction or non fiction I know this topic has been talked to death, but there is always something new that...
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    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    I think you mis-interpreted my message. I said I won't accept that people do not have time for a courtesy. We all have time for courtesy. I'm a big boy and respect peoples choice of action. But I take issue with people saying they are too busy for common courtesy. Whether in the store...
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    On the outside, looking in.

    Nice way to be... and when the time comes and you want to take the dive, you'll be well informed. Good for you!
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    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    Poly Dating With a regular date, you can't come home to your spouse and compare notes, or get tips and techniques. With a poly date, I have a coach! LOL No problem re "dickishness" You are allowed an opinion. I understand your point, but courtesy is courtesy. Online or offline. A...
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    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    Poly dating is fun! I haven’t dated in 30 yrs as a "single" man (Pru and I were always a couple...a package deal) and it has been an illuminating experience. Dating as a poly, to me, is difficult. Monog women are scared of the idea as it smacks, in their mind, of infidelity. Many can’t...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Protocol question - marriage bed Pru (my prime) and I have a protocol question and are looking for best thoughts... If Pru is away, is it bad form for me to bring our a girlfriend and have her sleep in our wedding bed. Or do I get a hotel room for the GF (risking her being offended at not...
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    My bucketlist

    Looking for love in the wrong place AFf (adult Friend Finder) is more orientated towards swingers (sex as an event or recreational experience vs emotional let's-build-a-life-together experience). U might find what u r looking for, but specify upfront, be patient and look for other means to find...
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    What is polyamorous love?

    Thx folks for the great comments. It was very illuminating. I had an instructor as a student who would always end the class with "what did you learn" question. Not a bad habit. What did I learn? There are no consistent definition of love, as it is a subjective, internal emotion that has no...
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    What is polyamorous love?

    Saudade That would be me. I am a fan of Heinlein, though I prefer Glory Road, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Methuselah's Children over Stranger in a Strange Land. Great work, but like Lord of the Rings, went on waay to long. Don't get me started on Starship Troopers. The movie destroyed...
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    What is polyamorous love?

    Everyone....that was a great series of notes. I very much appreciate your comments and candour. You have answer some of my questions. I am quite happy!
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    What is polyamorous love?

    Grounded measuring stick, just an honest question to understand how others feel. I grok that love is subjective since we are not telepathic and have to rely on language to exchange thoughts. I am driven by curiosity - its who I am - and am always curious as to how others view the...