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    New to poly world, need advice

    Ok I don't want to be a downer here but if the two guys truely hate each other and don't want to share you then this won't work. However if they love you and want you to be happy the go with the book it is a wonderful rescource. A friend of ours got it in hopes of undeerstanding our household...
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    yes husband #1 got me into rpgs when we were dating since him his wif and her wife all play and...

    yes husband #1 got me into rpgs when we were dating since him his wif and her wife all play and it was through rpgs and work that i met husband #2.
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    bragging Yeah this is the thread were I get to brag about the wonderful caring M I'm in. My 2 husbands are great loving and sometimes frustrating menbut I wouldn't want them any other. Way. The girls or my husbands wife and her wife are the best friends I could ever ask for. I mean when the...
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    Ok was going to do a fun list that looked a lot like mags but then it dawned on me I don't have hobbies I have addictions. They are in no particular order SEX BOOKS COOKING Rpgs of almost all types Bdsm Vampires not sparklepires All things fairy Anciant myths and the history behind them...
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    "Tell me something unique about yourself"

    Does having a stud stable of men qualify as unique on this site? I usually have4-8 men in my close life at anyone time. Hey I know what makes me unique I've never had a mono relationship and have no idea how to be in one.
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    My girlfriend's husband bumper sticker

    Love it. I keep thiking of doing the stick figures on my back window but I think it would go all the way across.
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    A request: state your gender and sexual preference/orientation

    greedy :p Female poly bi switch in other words greedy. And incouraged to be so. Lol
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    Personal Summaries

    me and tribe run down wow been reading the intros and i have to admite i feel like the old pro compared with some. I am 34 yr old female cuently in an M sort of. I have been in and out of poly relationships for 21 yrs now. i have either had a poly relationship or no rrelationship i am not...