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    Last Letter Game

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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    I love your description of this. I don't know if chess auto-commentating is a thing many people do, but you're good at it!
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Hey thanks for your welcome message on! I wrote a reply but when I posted it, it said "you cannot add links in your messages" and it had cleared my whole message. I had mentioned in the message so I guess that's what set it off. Once I lick my wounds and have a clear...
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    Sailing Solo

    It's so hard to have to process your grief separate from the network of others who cared for him. I hope you get some comfort from sharing with your friends, or this forum, at least.
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    Mono new to this world - needing non-biased advice.

    MeeraReed - just a note. Jane had a painful separation not so long ago. There weren't many details shared on the blog but Jane did say that it didn't end well, unfortunately. Doesn't negate anything in your comment but just fyi
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Well, I'm rather suggestible and this conversation will inevitably end with me playing on too. I'm quite poor at chess so let's see how this goes....! My favourite game was with Lobe at a Yoko Ono exhibition where one of the interactive exhibits was a chess game with all the pieces on...
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    Friends and lovers

    MeeraReed - a very belated thanks for your encouragement. I actually have tried to reply twice before. Once I took so long composing a post that the whole site upgraded while I was still typing it, and I only noticed when I tried to post - whoops. That went bye bye. Then recently I typed...
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    getting emotional support for an unconventional living situation

    Also curious what you would find "productive" to "not productive" -- I'm guessing effort-to-award-ratio that the conversation stays on tracks that seem fruitful / interesting / useful to you and that aren't side tracked or gummed up in side issues? Other people will have different ideas about...
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    getting emotional support for an unconventional living situation

    Hi MeeraReed - sometimes people can amplify certain voices in your own head. It's so understandable that you have mixed feelings (and you articulated what you feel, and why, really clearly in your post). It seems to me that your friends have picked up on the challenging threads of this move, and...
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    New to this

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned by others (I just skimmed a few posts) but you could also ask your best friend to stop sharing details of her sexual activities with your husband. Sure, that might make sense if she was dating a third person (maybe; I find sharing of intimate details a bit...
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    Can I trust my intuition when my inexperience is creating a cloud of fear?

    Your intuition is serving you well here. You're doing well to recognise that what may be meeting his (and his primary's) needs is not meeting your needs. I agree with "run away"; this person doesn't seem capable of negotiating agreements in good faith with you. You may be "new" to poly but you...
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    In the garden

    I grew up in Aotearoa / NZ and I don't remember junior proms being a thing! Is this a recent trend? I mean I remember school discos and formals and such, but I always thought of high school proms as something else that only happened in the US
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    Smelling the flowers

    Oooh, nicely done!!! I'm excited for you too. The house looks gorgeous - perfect for a mini convention ;)
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    Cuckqueening and polygyny

    I used to be confused about this expression too, but I used to misunderstand it as "have your cake" as in "eat your cake" (like "have a sandwich") and "eat it too" (which just doubled up the eating). Without the double eating, it still doesn't make much sense as you've pointed out. Re OP - I...
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    Wife is poly

    Bluewoman, you mention "word vomit" in your previous post, and in another post you said something about things being too much to write in one big paragraph. I wonder if it would help you to break up your thoughts into more paragraphs. It makes it easier to read, for us, but I'm thinking more...