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    Polyamory Conflicts.

    We were friends, or so I though, she had me at her wedding, she treated me as a friend.. But in the end her reason from what I have heard from my guy is that she just doesn't like me. It is quite bizarre, but the whole issue is that she claims to be this way, poly, which in her mind i am sure...
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    Polyamory Conflicts.

    Hello, still new here, but a bit of crazy and uncertainty has come towards my self and my partner, now we are Primaries in our main relationship, but before me he was involved with girl X, who girl X was engaged and now married to guy Z, now once I came in to the picture Girl X turned on me and...
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    Personal Summaries

    Hello, nice to meet all of you. Hello my name is GhostVixen, same on Fetlife and well in most other forums that I may already be a part of. I am involved in a very open relationship with mrfnord he and i were introduced to this forum by a good friend. Thanks MBG for this. We have a lot of...