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    Wondering How To Go About This

    Wow Thanks so much everyone. I had gone away from this site to go seek my own path. I've been learning how to debunk all those things and beliefs that don't fit in my life and focus on clearing away my true thoughts. I checked my email tonight and found tons of replies all of which were exactly...
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    Taking a Step Out into Something New

    Hi! I am Hoseki from Maryland, USA. I joined here because I am at the realization that I am not looking for a monogamous relationship. There are many people I would like to meet an experience things with. Also, being independent and stable on my own, I don't feel the need to pursue one person...
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    Wondering How To Go About This

    Before getting into any sort of sexual relationship, I had already made up in my mind that I do not want to get married or make any commitments that I wouldn't be able to hold on to. I am an independent person and marriage-like commitments aren't going to happen any time soon because of this. I...