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    How delightful

    Hi, Bliss :-) Welcome to you :-) Very much understand the feeling. Felt the same when I heared the word and got to read about it on wiki... that was almost 4 years ago. Felt like coming home. Very strange to find a whole set of vocabulary existing already, describing what I felt in my heart...
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    Hello all.

    Welcome :-) Am new at this forum myself and like what I see so far. Many kind people here.
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    The pace of the one who is struggling most

    Thanks for a nice read :-) I've followed this thread with much interest and joy, and I feel so happy to see the love and wisdom shared between OP/AnotherConfused/AC vs hubby and OP vs commentors. Am glad to be a part of a community with such kindness and insightfulness. @AC: I deeply respect...
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    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    Cast Away I was in my peak poly-blossom when I saw Cast Away for the 2nd time a year and a half ago (saw it when it was released, too, but didn't reflect around the possible poly theme then). This time I found myself feeling furious :D about the fact that Tom's caracter had to leave the love...
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    Hi, everybody :-)

    Interesting to see that even though one edits and reads ones post over and over, there might be something slippin' :o I dunno why I wrote (in last paragraph) "life-style" as I actually don't care for that term. I wanted to say I have no plan/ agenda to find a certain amount of partners or to...
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    Thought I would say Hi.

    Hi, there, some1sangel and Storm :-) Am new here too, joined a few days ago. I had a triad dream once, but don't have it anymore. I'd rather see who comes my/ our way and deal with it then. :-) I wanted to say something about a word the both of you use, and I think different about it, and...
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    Glossary and Definitions

    Polycules May I suggest a word I heard recently in an Youtube interview with Allena Gabosh from Seattle? She uses the word "Polycules" synonymous with all kinds of polyfamilies and polyrelations if I got her correct. The assosiation comes from "molecules" and their multiple possible...
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    Wow...I am home!

    Hi, AlanTbird :-) We join at the same time :-) I felt like you, like coming home, when I found the polyforum in my home country a few years ago. Lovely feeling :-) Your story moved me... Wish you and your loves all the best and look forward to sharing and caring. love from HumbleBee
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    Hi, everybody :-)

    Am new on this forum, but have known about/ lived with polyamory for some years. Am a female, passed 40. Married to countli. We're both hetero. I had a boyfriend last year, my first actual polyrelation outside our, till then, monogamous marriage. Had "read all the books" and "seen all the...