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    Polyamory and Ethnicity

    Didn't Consider Religion... I can see where religion could play a part. I often find myself in the company of people that consider themselves practicing Christians who have wild sexual escapades on a regular basis, including members only activities. These same people turn their noses up at...
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    Polyamory and Ethnicity

    A Quick Response... As much as I would like delve deeply into this topic, I really don't care to write a sloppy essay, which it would be... I am a black female in a 3+ year relationship with a black male; we've lived together a year now, not married. Our relationship has always been "open,"...
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    Personal Summaries

    Hello Everyone My name's Keeke, I'm in the New Orleans area. I joined the group to exchange communication with like-minded people. I am currently in a long-term relationship of three years. While I have always considered myself poly, only recently have I returned to my romantic roots. My...