Dear alls, this is me:

Name: LaCosa
Sexual orientation: pan
Gender identity: non-binary
Pronouns: She/They/He

Poly-experience and current relational status: experienced in all types of relationship forms - happily settled as a relationship anarchist

Currently I am studying Social Design. I’m a huge fan of angry marginalized groups and humans, planing to dedicate my life to help others (and myself) to express themselves, feel all the feels and if necessary fight 🥰
Apart from that I love cats, can’t cook more then 3 dishes, am a sucker for tea and love to dance as if there’s no tomorrow.

Also ALWAYS looking for new stories and fantasies to fill the "Library of Fantasies" I am currently creating! So if you’d be so sweet, awesome, and brave to anonymously share one (or more) of your fantasies, here's the link to do so:
I'm in LOF <3



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