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    Female Asexual married to Male Hypersexual: Hope poly bridges the gap

    I'm actually really pleased to see both of you on the forums; I sympathize with the situation as I'm in a similar one. My wife and my sex drives don't seem to match up often either, I'm usually the one less interested in sex and more in the courtly romantics while my wife's been able to forge...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    I've been in a number of region and nationwide nerd culture organizations, LARP clubs, subcultures, et cetera, all of whom accept and work to help people that live alternative lifestyles. I've been a LGBT supporter for decades, and generally have a strong liberal mindset when it comes to social...
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    Added to, Joining In

    I can understand this a lot, actually. As one of maybe a dozen poly people I know across the entire state I'm in (and one of maybe half that that's in my opinion good examples of poly) I regularly don't go "looking" for another person in the relationship as much as I wind up still being open...
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    Broaching the topic

    So, I've had a situation come up numerous times with several women in my life, and though thus far I've been able to handle it, it's always been a difficult thing to work out and finesse so that it is properly expressed. I'm married. Love being love, I have yet to fall for someone who's openly...
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    Longtime lurker from Michigan, finally here.

    Hi everybody, and, well, here goes nothing I suppose. I'm originally from Michigan here in the states. Having come to the realization that I'm poly about three years ago, I started searching for information. The forum here was among those that cropped up early and became a good source. I...