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    Unplanned pregnancy in polyfi triad

    ^I hope to all fuck that you are joking. That sounds so brainwashed in a "that's just what you do" mindset. Benefits my ass.
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    Lack of attention

    ^Yeah men usually get the shit end of the stick when custody comes up. Probably changed a bit by now because my dad got screwed. They were both military though. It was also pretty shady back then. We weren't "asked" who we wanted to go live with. We were guided with true/false questions about...
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    My name kind of says it all

    If you want to jump on the kid thing, that is a huge issue. I'd be concerned about it like she worded it. The law is not in her favor and in some states she'd probably have to pay child support if this happens while they're still married, or not finished with a divorce. She'd legally be pushed...
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    LDR: Finally meeting!

    Stop talking altogether if you can, screw waiting from them to do it in person. Also it's a red flag to me, about them showing up in your state after zilch in the communication department. That seems pretty damn stalkerish and I'd keep an eye out for any more of that kind of behavior. If they...
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    Feeling alone in a relationship of four

    Didn't edit in time. I only say that because I went back to read the reason and it sounded really familiar to an easy let-down. The fact they said it couldn't be repaired and they want to move on, reinforces that. I still think that was a calculated move on his part to steer you away from ever...
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    Feeling alone in a relationship of four

    I have a feeling that Tad and Anabelle have pretty much written both of you off. So even if both of you did get your stuff together, you've already rung the proceed-with-caution bell.
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    Feeling alone in a relationship of four

    That seems like a calculated move to me. As in very logical. I wouldn't be surprised on future patronizing statements or behavior regarding Tad. That ending things with Anabelle is leverage, again imo.
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    Who Writes This Sh*t?

    Yes, cuddle buddy concept. Goodness you're making it out like I'm agreeing with the said bullshit you linked to. I'm not. I'm just saying the way you're calling out these idiots isn't doing any favors.
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    Who Writes This Sh*t?

    So NSA, FWB, and one-night stands don't technically call for similar (to different extents)? Granted those working out as intended don't exactly fall into high success rates in the first place. Those articles aren't exactly the best to be picking from either, considering the domain names alone...
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    To have kids or not to have kids, that is the question.

    Childfree and incoming sprinkles of doom to rain on a yes-parade. Okay first, how is her not wanting anyone else to be the father, not a red flag to you? I agree with everyone else about letting the honeymoon phase wear off. The odds are not in your favor if any kind of shit hits the fan, with...
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    Trouble in paradise.

    This is pretty much over. All of it. They would have imploded either way with the incompatible sex drives. The way she's acting towards you now just tells me that she thinks she has what she wants (regarding you). She doesn't have to work that hard anymore. Except with the person literally...
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    I need advice :( feel like im going crazy

    I just want to add that you can just open anything you don't want to manually delete from your browser history, by using the incognito mode. It's Control + Shift + N-key and I use Chrome and Opera. Apple, I don't know.
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    Made sense due to previous circumstances. Made sense in general after doing some research.
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    SCOTUS ruling

    @Jessica, that is not logic. That is someone throwing a tantrum because they think the religious context should trump all. No one is trying to take away the religious context. They are assuming that and basing all their nonsense from there. Subtle playing of the victim card but it's there...
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    SCOTUS ruling

    Mass appropriation of a word in a religious context, does not equal or facilitate a default connotation or ownership, by said religion. No one is denying anything. Each usage stands by itself, and for itself. You're the only one basically saying that everyone else just needs to bow down and base...