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    Please help me understand monogamy

    Keeping in mind that monos can be as diverse as polys, here's my take on it. I tend to feel that focussing on one person (at a time, mind you) is what gives depth and intimacy in a relationship. If we start having other people involved in a relationship both emotionally and physically, then that...
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    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    Mendalla Justric was a D&D character (a cleric for those care) of mine back in the 80s and I started using the name on various boards a few years back. Now it's kind of a memorial, because the friend who was the Dungeon Master of that campaign passed away this year.:( Mendalla
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    I prefer David Wellington's Laura Caxton series to any of the vampire romances. Tough female cop kicks vampire arse (and gets her physical and emotional butt kicked quite a bit, too). The vampires are some of the nastiest I've ever seen in vampire literature (for instance, they change you by...
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    Is masturbation sex?

    Male and no, but I'm really still debating it because it's a question I've never thought of before. Maybe it is sex, but a different kind than I get with a partner. All I know is that masturbating leaves me feeling different than sex with my partner. Jacking off can be as or more physically...
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    Religious survey

    I was raised United Church of Canada (liberal Christian), but right now I self-describe as "spiritual agnostic" now if pressed (I don't like labelling my spirituality if I can avoid it, since my spirituality is somewhat in flux). I feel a strong need to interact with and celebrate creation and...
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    Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness (UUPA)

    Been actively UU for about 7 years and attending UU churches on and off for much longer. I'd never heard of UUPA until now, but it sounds very UU, and I see no reason why UUs wouldn't support polyamorous relationships as we have same sex marriage. I flirt with going back to the United Church of...
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    Greeting from a probable lurker

    Hello. I am a fortysomething, married, straight male. Not in a poly relationship, but curious about polyamory and here to learn about the ups, downs, joys and sorrows of this kind of relationship. To be honest, I can't really see my spouse going for polyamory. She's quite traditional about...