Hi! I'm a 29 year old straight white man. Kind of nerdy, and totally new to this poly stuff.

I worked a lot of night shifts in my 20s, so I'm actually kind of new to dating in general. 😅

I've been described by women I know as "a goofball," "honest," and "a genuinely nice guy." Some people think I'm smart, but apparently I was dumb enough to join the military at one point, so... 🤷

I wonder if self deprecating humor is a midwestern thing, or just how I was raised?

Anyway. I'm a decent cook. I like exploring outside. I always have big dreams about some thing or other.

I get new hobbies pretty often, and end up having to put old ones on the back burner. Some of the past highlights are running D&D games, making mead, and writing.

I guess the reason I'm here is that for a long time, I tried really hard to meet everyone's expectations, and got little respect or compassion in return. Eventually I started questioning everything, including monogamy now apparently. XD

Anyway I look forward to meeting you.
Rochester NY
Self Employed


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