Hi! I'm a 29 year old straight white man. Kind of nerdy/dorky. Average looking.
A little clumsy socially, but I promise I care!

I'm interested mostly in women around my age who are mildly athletic, and down to earth, but I'll happily talk to anyone if I have the time. :)

I've been described by women I know as "a goofball," "honest," and "a genuinely nice guy." Some people think I'm smart, but apparently I was dumb enough to join the military at one point, so... 🤷

I wonder if self deprecating humor is a midwestern thing, or just how I was raised?

Anyway. I'm a decent cook. I like exploring outside. I always have big dreams about some thing or other that I'm both hesitant and eager to share.

I get new hobbies pretty often, and end up having to put old ones on the back burner. Some of the past highlights are running D&D games, making mead, and writing. But lately?

Lately my hobbies include: trying to learn German, talking to girls, and pretending that I'm not addicted to youtube shorts. 😅

Yea, I know those last two are kind of basic. But uranium fuel pellets don't do much on their own, do they? You have to put them next to other sources of radiation to release their full potential. 🎉

I guess the reason I'm here is that for a long time, I tried really hard to meet everyone's expectations, and got little respect or compassion in return. Eventually I started questioning everything, including monogamy now apparently. XD

I was on a grueling shift schedule for most of my 20s, so I never really got to date. I don't want to just "catch up," though. I want love! Even if the passionate part is temporary. I tend to move around every few years, but I look forward to putting down roots somewhere, even if only to have a home port.

Anyway sorry for the long bio! 😅 I look forward to meeting you.
Rochester NY
Self Employed


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