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    Borrowing my affection?

    This looks like it does not work for O and he has tried backing out. He is tempted when it is there but it reads like the words "raw deal" keep coming up. This means it is simply not his ideal situation but is physically attracted. O might be trying to look at it holistically and seeing that...
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    Borrowing my affection?

    I am happy to hear you have it all on the table. Possessiveness is a normal emotion that people can experience regardless of how well their more rational side processes it all. Passion is a very difficult thing to curb. So would O be happier if you were able to have sleepovers ? To the...
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    Borrowing my affection?

    You stated that your husband knows everything. Is that completely true? How does your husband feel about your new lover? Does he know that O wants you exclusively? How does he feel about that? More importantly, how do you feel about it? Are you willing to leave your husband for O?
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    Loving couple in VT seeking lady to share life and space with us

    We are a loving couple 38M/28F desiring a female companion. We have a strong bond and children with us full and part time. We are looking to take the relationship slow and develop it over time. We are looking to create a positive environment in which we can all peruse happiness together...