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    mono married to poly question

    I wanted to say hi :) Finding someone is never easy to begin with. The fact that two people find each other (not just for a casual hook up) and genuinely get along etc is something that takes time and effort for both parties... now when you involve more people into that equation, it's probably...
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    Recipe for disaster

    I am sorry that you are going through this. It sounds like she is indecisive about things and, forgive me for assuming this, but from the sounds of your entry ... she is using 'poly' to go out and have her cake and eat it, too. If there was no indication of being polyamorous since you've...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi! This forum is definitely helping me a lot, so it might be good for him to just read through some of the entries here whenever he gets a chance. I've been a serial monogamist most of my life and only in these past two years have I started thinking if my serial monogamy and "on the side"...
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    Manila, Philippines

    Kumusta? :) Filipino but based in DC.
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    Lost in NoVA

    The kindness of everyone here has been overwhelming. I want to say thank you to all for the warm welcome messages. :)
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    This totally caught my emotions this morning. Theory and practice ARE two different things. Often times, the latter is more difficult. I feel for you. I guess I am there, considering I know that the object of my affections is also seeing someone(or two) other than myself. I am not so much...
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    Lost in NoVA

    Thanks so much! I am already having a lot of fun reading the variety of topics here. Definitely a good feeling to run into this. I don't feel so alone, if that makes sense. :)
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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    I'm doing OK. Loving this site a lot and learning more is always a definite plus in my book. So, how am I doing in particular today? I'm actually trying not to overthink about someone I met about a month ago, who actually surprisingly (or not surprisingly) revealed his interest in polyamory...
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    Word Association Game!

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    Lost in NoVA

    Thanks for the warm welcome, CielDuMatin!!! :)
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    Lost in NoVA

    UPDATE: Hello again :) I have some free time at work so I thought I'd write a longer howdy y'all :) I am totally super new here. I know the title to this thread may be a little odd, considering I put "Lost in NoVA". I chose that title because to me I'm still really searching for more...
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    Lost in NoVA

    Totally new here. I wanted to drop a quick line to say hi since I'm actually at work :) I'm not really lost. I will delve more into that later. I'm more "still searching" and learning about myself. I cannot wait to interact. I'll post again very soon. xo