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    Is Poly Right for You?

    My is poly right for you answers I'll respond to this as suggested by Ostrich. I know I am dredging up an old thread, but after reading through it, I saw someone had the idea of new members of the board provide answers to the questions, just to gauge where they are. It would be interesting to...
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    Welcome Welcome, I hope you find what you're looking for here. At 62 I hope that you decide to follow your dreams. At first I didn't realize that a poly life was possible and when I did I was already in a committed mono relationship. On the other hand I also believe that it's important to do...
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    What you listening to Now :

    New World - Tacocat
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    Greetings from San Jose

    Howdy, I'm a 62 year old man currently in a monogamous relationship. At one point in time my wife had an open relationship but she wanted us to close it so we did. While my wife and I had an open relationship I did have one other relationship that was mainly online although we did meet in...