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    Looking for a companion in CNY

    wow.. I haven't logged on here in forever and this is the first post I it anyway to answer your plea for a local group to join there are a couple. Yahoo has a few that are a bit quiet for central new york, there is one for Southern Tier, Rochester, Buffalo &...
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    Rochester NY Poly Dinners Out

    March 23rd "Rochester' Dinner Out We'll actually be having a dinner at 7pm in Cananadaugia NY which is pegged 'The chosen spot' at the top of one of the Finger Lakes in NY. Anyway we'll be hanging out with around 10 people looks like that evening.
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    For me it's a real treat and luckily enough the guys are great about it. Home presents too small of a bed so the futon is close by if someone get's pushed off the bed or swelter(not in the good way) starts happening. However when ever the opportunity presented itself for a hotel with a KING bed...
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    Poly networking

    I get this concept, I occasionally 'preach' this concept. SO WHY is it that poly-sex-parties don't equate in my mind. I think that is the question at hand - correct me if I'm mistaken. Topic for discussion, because it is a mindset. I'm thinking that if you look at a poly-sex party and a...
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    Poly networking

    Redpepper your not alone on this and I'm glad you were able to post this to the board. I feel very similiar to you on the poly-casual sex aspect of lovestyles and even found this at one of the conferences I went to and was very surprised at my negative feelings/reactions to the casualness of it...
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    Word Association Game!

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    Word Association Game!

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    Word Association Game!

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    Word Association Game!

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    Our First Poly Event

    that is so awesome JA & JC.
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    Word Association Game!

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    Word Association Game!

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    Southern Tier Meet-Up 1/10/10

    A success was had. 16 people from about a 2 hr radius, it was a beautiful Sunday Driving day, dry roads, crisp winter air and SUNSHINE. The group is up and rolling from this first meet-up and have already set a date for next month.
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    Word Association Game!

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    Mono/poly tangles

    LadyMacbeth ~ hope your discussion last night went well. I was lead to this thread I believe since we are going through as similiar situtation with my bf of almost 3 years; this is his first true 'run at dating' and he BLEW IT..ok my opinion..we are communicating through it with much of the...