I am a 38 year old mum, housewife, wife, Granny and everything else in between. I have been a mum my whole adult years as I had my daughter at when I was 16 years old so it seemed being all those 'roles' was all I had going for me for me. Then I done away with the negativity and pessimistic thoughts, I applied for college in 2018, starting the September to get my Health and Social Care qualifications. In September this year I start my 3 year degree in Additional Support Needs. College was the start of my own journey called self-discovery, It has been an eye-opener of a journey so far and at times confusing for me to understand why I haven't realised already things I am learning about myself. Such as discovering that I am in actual fact bisexual. As a teen upwards until around 25 years old I had more than a few experiences with women. I put it down to young people experimentation until recently when I realised that at 38 years old, I still like women in a lot of ways including sexually and emotionally and there was no denying my sexuality then lol, Myself and the hubby during our relationship journey have worked out that we may not exactly resonate with being monogamous and after some reading, lots of reading, watching videos and documentaries and such, we believed Polyamory may be what we were looking for and fingers crossed we are correct. I have done so much exploring of myself and who I am the past year and still have some way to go but I am embracing this journey as I have wanted it for so long.
So much more I can write but I will stop here the now!!!

Hope to be chatting and making friends soon with like-minded people, any questions...feel free to ask x
July 27
Fife, Scotland
Full-time Student